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How cell phone camera sounds off?

How to adjust the font size?

Align desktop icons

Application icon on the desktop is gone how do?

How to modify the desktop folder name?

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After setting the theme of personalization is not in effect?

Re-entry fingerprint

Gravity sensor

Account through password forgotten how to do

Account password can log on what services?

How to restore the phone to factory settings?

Phone has privacy control to store it?

Customer service in the hardware detection, detection of music related to the current speaker sound small?

Smart power is what role

How to enable intelligent power on or off?

How to use intelligent interception?

Smart Window holster phone supports affixed to glass film

What is the role of intelligent SMS?

How to turn off Smart SMS?

Smart Dialing?

Smart IP dialing

Fingerprint input fails

Compass shake badly

Compass (Compass) allowed

What external memory card format support?

Support infrared remote control