S97Pro has released the latest software version

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    Good day, everyone. At present, S97Pro has released the latest software version number as European and American version (EEA) 0811V3.05, and the fixes are as follows:

    1.Update Google Security Patch
    2.Optimize system display issues
    3.Optimize the geomagnetic sensor calibration problem
    4.Optimize the infrared ranging problemYou can download the software and tools used for flashing from the link below:
    At the same time, you can refer to the video tutorial for operation:

  • Good morning

    I have the version DOOGEE-S97Pro-Android11.0-20210811 should I update it?

    Will it be in OTA version?



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    @Eriz Martinez Diaz Yes, at present, DOOGEE-S97Pro-Android11.0-20210811 is the latest software version, which fixes a large number of faults that will affect the use. It is recommended that you perform an OTA upgrade. If the OTA upgrade cannot be completed, you can obtain the firmware package from the link above. And tools use the computer to upgrade.

  • @Support Z It is better to clarify that when flashing it is better to use USB 2.0, and not 3.0

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    @Alexander Krivenko It is recommended to use the USB3.0 port, if possible, connect to the USB port of the computer motherboard instead of the USB port of the computer case.

  • Hi all, can we hope to have Android 12 soon on S97 Pro?

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