S96 pro Driver, firmware, software, etc. download links

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    link : https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvX9KABcpSV1kTOdVXUXpf2aQomf?e=agiWPB

    It is not recommended for users without flashing experience to flash, please select the corresponding version to flash

  • Hello all,

    what is the difference between the version "S9S88A7.DGE.DOOGEE.HB.HJ.AYYDVFAZ.1203.V3.04" and " S9S88A7.DGE.DOOGEE.EEA.HB.HJ.AYYDVFAZ."

    Thank you in advance,

  • @Nicolas Kouzou Hello, the front is the non-European version, and the back is the European and American version.

  • Good afternoon!
    I have a problem with the phone Doogee S96Pro, S/N: S96PROEEA0000045013
    The problem is that when I rotate the phone horizontally and the auto-rotate screen option is enabled, the image on the screen turns upside down. This manifests itself in a full-screen YouTube, camera, browser. The photos and videos that I record are also turned upside down.
    There is a "Horizontal calibration" in the settings, when trying to calibrate, it writes "failure". The ball in this application also behaves the other way around horizontally.
    Tell me what should I do with the phone so that I can use it normally in landscape mode?

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