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    link : https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvX9KABcpSV1kTOdVXUXpf2aQomf?e=agiWPB

    It is not recommended for users without flashing experience to flash, please select the corresponding version to flash

  • Hello all,

    what is the difference between the version "S9S88A7.DGE.DOOGEE.HB.HJ.AYYDVFAZ.1203.V3.04" and " S9S88A7.DGE.DOOGEE.EEA.HB.HJ.AYYDVFAZ."

    Thank you in advance,

  • @Nicolas Kouzou Hello, the front is the non-European version, and the back is the European and American version.

  • Good afternoon!
    I have a problem with the phone Doogee S96Pro, S/N: S96PROEEA0000045013
    The problem is that when I rotate the phone horizontally and the auto-rotate screen option is enabled, the image on the screen turns upside down. This manifests itself in a full-screen YouTube, camera, browser. The photos and videos that I record are also turned upside down.
    There is a "Horizontal calibration" in the settings, when trying to calibrate, it writes "failure". The ball in this application also behaves the other way around horizontally.
    Tell me what should I do with the phone so that I can use it normally in landscape mode?

  • G'day guys, new here. My s96 pro phone calls don't show up on my screen. I have to unlock the phone, drop the top menu bar down to answer the call. Is this normal?

  • Hi

    My Doogee S96Pro was stolen recently. May I know if there is a way to track it by its IMEI, even when it is switched off. Your kind help is most appreciated. Thanks. 

  • PrecisamosProblema câmera no Android 10 Q do Android 11 ou 12 . 

    O Android 10 está com muitos problemas. 

    A marca está perdendo vendas , maioria das pessoas querem comprar um celular igual a este no Brasil, porém as pessoas querem ver e ao solicitar pra abrir a câmera fico sem explicação, pois a mesma não funciona, o celular está lerdo , sem biometria, sem face ID . 

    Quando vão lançar a. Atualização?

  • Sem assistência pro S96pro 😔

  • Mandei email e não dão assistência p algo basico

  • Fazem 5 meses que estou sem celular, pois travando , sem câmera , bateria aquecendo, sem impressão digital, tela preta. Resumindo estou com uma carroça.

  • The multi-flash tool is useless for me, had to use the generic SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1924_Win with the driver package. Much easier to work with than any other Qualcomm based device. By the way, anyone knows if there are any custom ROMs  for the Doogee S96 Pro. Cannot find any info about them on XDA Developers, and thanks for the recent political cr.. 4pda is out of my reach. I am on the latest firmware now rooted unlocked magisk 23 installed from twrp as nothing else will work. I am looking for a custom rom without any google app in it. I have used Bliss Rom 12 on my xperia XZ1 Compact G8441 before and missing features. Thanks.

  • Atualizou ontem pra essa versão e não resolveram nada !

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