Home screen settings on S90

  • Does anybody know where to find home screen settings to hide apps? I have been trying and looking evrywhere on the phone but no luck. Thanks.

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    Good day, the native Android system does not have the function of hiding application icons, but you can try some other desktop applications or other management applications to achieve the hiding function you need.

  • @Nejla Carter Goog day,There is no such function on the home screen of the mobile phone. You can find the refrigerator function through the app of the desktop system Manager and add the application that needs to be frozen. After the application is frozen, the main interface will not be displayed.

  • You can try using a alternate launcher (there are a couple different ones to find on the play store). One launcher as example is Evie launcher. Just replace the current launcher with Evie launcher and long press on the home screen -> go to "hide apps" and select the apps to be hidden. They won't be displayed afterwards any longer (are however still active\can be used)

  • @Nejla Carter Use a different launcher app. I use an old, free, unlocked version of APEX MENU. the new version is paid and limited. GOOGLE ... apex menu v3.3.3 and download from oldapk. install and never update it in google play store, keep the old vresion, you can now customize all screen settings.

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