I wish for christmas...

  • Dear Santa,

    I was a very good person this year - so I wish for christmas:

    A easy was to get root and custom recovery on the phones for digital savy people.

    My fav.: 

    Root: --> Magisk

    Recovery: --> TWRP


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  • Muchas gracias por la información. A mí me pasó lo mismo con un Blackview. Ahora espero encontrar la forma de ASEGURARME como hacer ROOT A  mi nuevo Doogee S97Pro. No quiero tener problemas. Así que ando investigando a ver si alguien ya ha realizado algo parecido y puedo tener la certeza de que no me fallará.

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    Sorry, as a mobile phone manufacturer, we do not want customers to root their mobile phones. We cannot predict the consequences.
    By the way, I don't know how to get the Root permission of S97Pro. I tried Magisk, but it can't get Root as simple as other mobile phones.
    (I asked my colleagues in the software R&D department if they could teach me the relevant operations, but I only got one answer: I am worried that you will publish it to other customers, so I can't tell you)


  • Stay tuned - if the S97 Pro is similar to the V10 in regards of the architecture, then I have a quiet good feeling, that my method will work on it aswell ^^ And yes - I also say "guys! you lose your warranty and should only do it if you REALLY need it" - So everybody should know, that they do it on their own risk.

    All I do is just share the information on "it is possible" and telling how. But everything else is up to the people to decide if they take the risk or not :)

  • I wish for Christmas to be a time of peace and happiness. I wish for Christmas to be a time when we can all come together. I wish for Christmas to be a time when we can remember what is really important in our lives.

  • I have the same wish for Christmas to get root and custom recovery on the phones for digitally savvy people other than getting sport-specific training to play football from biofix in CA. It's my dream 😀 I hope these two wishes get fulfilled somehow so then I will be very happy. 

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