Needing firmware for Doogee S95 (non pro)

  • I've looked all over the web and cannot find any stock or upgraded firmware for the doogee s95 (not pro). At least non that I trust to install. Can someone please help me out? Also on the AT&t USA network and the Volte or HD voice isn't working. Am i mistaken thinking it is supported on this device? Any help with greatly be appreciated thanks!

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  • @Jeremy Carpenter Good day, you need to make sure your network supports Volte or HD voice, which requires carrier support.  You can also check your phone's Settings app to see if the Internet and Internet and 4G calls are enabled.  Best wishes  !

  • I am getting email from my net 10 carrier that my S95 pro with AT&T service from NET10 that phone is not VO LTE compatable.  I have had settings for 4Glte on since i got phone in jan 2021, and phone now today after a restart displays large fonts "HD" next to the signal meter that also displays 4G and signal strength.

    So is this phone VO LTE compatable or not?

  • @GUY SALADINO Good day, S95Pro supports VO LTE calls, and it can be used if the SIM card supports it.

  • Is this the original firmware release of non pro S95? 

    Does the pro and non pro used same software? 

  • @2uin ton Good day, different models have different software, you need to use the corresponding software.What is the machine version of your phone right now? Let me take a look at this.

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