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    How can I send the screen of my Doogee N20 to my Tv Box? I want to share It but my phone doesnt detect the tvbox. Should I install any app in the tvbox? Which app?



  • @Manuel CamposGood day, you need to make sure that your TV and mobile phone are in the same network environment. First go to the Settings page of the mobile phone, find the option of "other wireless connections" in the Settings page, click open, search the DEVICE of the TV, you can connect, and then you can share the content of the mobile phone to the TV  

  • @Fragrant X 


    First thanks for your answer, but I didn't get It. Yes the tvbox and the phone are connected to the same wifi line.


    I have not found the option "other wireless connections" in my phone. Only this:

    I was only able to use the phone as wireless net point. So, my tvbox connected to my N20 phone as router but I could not share the screen. I thinks is not the way.


  • @Manuel Campos good day You can find the projection function by pulling down the status bar, click to enter the projection interface, and click the more button in the upper right corner to turn on the wireless display.

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