Scatter File for Recovery \ Backup V10 full ROM

  • I created a modified Scatter File for the ROM_XX Structure after doing a Backup with SP Flash Tool.

    MT6833_Android_scatter.txt (For Backup with SP Flash Tool) -

    Just move the Scatter File into the Folder where you store the ROM_XX Files (After Backup it is inside the root directory of SP Flasher. Enjoy!

    To make a backup, you need to modify the option.ini file in the SP Flasher Folder and




    Then in SP Flasher go to "Readback" - tick all checkboxes, press Readback and restart your phone.

    NOTE: If you get error while trying to flash it, it may be  because your bootloader may be locked.

    Check my other Guide on how to unlock the bootloader via fastboot.

  • Additional Information:

    If you get a error while try to backup (e.g. after full wipe) - choose the recovery scatter file, deselect everything and choose "Download only" - now first flash "seccfg" and "frp" - then restart phone - to flash those files first. And then go to SP Flash tool again and select all ROM files at "Download only"

    And restart the phone again.

    However this only works, when you did the backup of your phone with a unlocked bootloader before.

    If you failed to unlock the bootloader before, fear not. Just use the original recovery file to flash the entire system. When in the System boot up, go to settings, enable the developer mode, and then enable "oem_unlock".

    Then boot into fastboot and type "fastboot flashing unlock" and press Vol-up on phone to confirm it.

    Now readback the frp and seccfg partition and use it with your original backup, so you can flash everything back.

  • Hint: After making some testing - a word of warning. Currently the full restore of the backup is not possible! I am currently trying to figure out, what the issue is. You can playback most of the partitions - but when it comes to the userdata partition - something is screwed. And I don't know yet what exactly the issue is. Will update here as soon I figure something out

  • Good day, you need to make sure your network supports Volte or HD voice, which requires carrier support.  You can also check your phone's Settings app to see if the Internet and Internet and 4G calls are enabled.  Best wishes! lol beans

  • I never have found how to recover files, it's something that I never have had a control on. Even though I can make apps that write essays for you, I just haven't ever been able to recover files. It's something that continuously haunts me.

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