Your device is corrupt

  • Hello.

    I bought a DOOGEE S88 Plus on September 3rd and I have received it on September 22nd.
    I was EXTREMELY happy with my cellphone but after two weeks of use it stopped working with no reason. I thought that it ran out of battery, but it didn't turned off even after I left it charging over night.
    When I connect the charger the red led turns on and it blinks once every 2 minutes.
    I have tried pressing the power button + up/down volume button with no success.
    The phone has not got wet or received any damage.
    Can you please help?

    For soem reason the phone turned on with the following message:
    dm-verity corruption
    Your device is corrupt.
    It can't be trusted and may not work properly.
    Press power button to continue.
    Or, device will power off in 5s.

  • @Armando Lopez Good day, did you update the software before the problem occurred? When the phone is turned off during the upgrade process, the system files will be lost, and a similar problem may occur. You can try to connect the phone to the computer to upgrade the firmware to repair the phone.

  • I would like to file my complaint with the company. I have been without a reply for almost two weeks, by email or there express, about sending my repaired S88 Plus which had several problems. At first they responded and continued the repair, but I am very unhappy with the company. My e-mail is

  • @alex_marano87 I have inquired about the logistics tracking number and dynamics returned to you. The latest information is on September 2nd.

    2021-09-02 13:07:00 BR/Arrived at destination country
    2021-09-02 10:08:00 BRCWBA BR/Processed at Local Distribution Center

    Please wait a moment, I am contacting the logistics company to confirm what problems are currently encountered

  • At present, the logistics company has opened an investigation, and it is expected that the results will be given in 15-20 working days. Please pay attention to my message to you and the logistics dynamic update.@alex_marano87  

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