Y7 problems with calling

  • Y7 will refuse calls randomly. Caller gets a busy tone or "out of range" message. Y7 sometimes shows a missed call notification, but there was no ring.

    I checked all settings, DND and forwards.

    Where can I get the latest Y7 ROM?

  • @Dejan Good day! Is the network signal in your environment bad? If the signal is not good, you will not be able to answer. Please use it in a good signal environment.
    Regarding the software version, you can check whether there is a version update through the settings and wireless upgrade detection. If there is, you can directly upgrade to the latest software online. If not, you can reset your phone, but you need to back up your data in advance to avoid losing important data.
    You can also update the software by flashing. This is only recommended for experienced users to use the Flash tool. If you are not an experienced flashing tool user, please read the flashing tool tutorial carefully before proceeding, and follow each instruction strictly. Note that this flashing method also needs to back up the data in advance and do not format the flash memory chip of the device, otherwise your parameter information will be lost.

  • The signal is good, 3 or 4 bars. All other phones work well in my house. I have the latest wireless update.

  • @Dejan You can try the wireless upgrade first to see if there will be improvement

  • I have the latest update.

  • @Dejan Has the problem been solved?

  • No

  • @Dejan It is recommended that you contact our after-sales mailbox for related maintenance and accessory support. Our official email is service@doogee.cc

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