Record Calls

  • Hello, I have had many Doogee phones, S40 S60 S88 S96 and now I bought N40.

    In all previous Doogee I have been able to record phone calls. Now I don't have a button to record calls on the Dooge N40.

    Is there a way to activate this option? Thank you.

  • @Alvaro Mendo Good day, N40Pro is an Android 11 mobile phone. The phone uses Google dial-up, and Google dial-up does not have a call recording function. sincere blessing.

  • Hello thank you very much. Can I install some so-called version of doogee? or Install android 10? I need to continue to have the function of recording call. Thanks

  • @Alvaro Mendo Good day, this phone model cannot be updated with the 10.0 version. You can try to go to the store to download a three-party recording app.

  • Hi, The problem with the applications is that they do not record the call, they record the sound of the speaker in hands-free.

    This is not a solution for me, calls are very noisy.

    Any ideas? Thanks

  • @Alvaro Mendo Good day, I’m sorry that this can only be solved by downloading the third-party application for the time being, because Google requires 11.0 projects to use this dial, otherwise it will not pass the authentication.

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