doogee s59pro mic not working- just silence

  • A couple of weeks ago I accidentally knocked my doogee rugged s59pro phone into the bath. ever since the microphone doesn't work, neither for phone calls or filming. Do you have any suggestions how I can fix this ?


    any suggestions?

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    It is recommended that you contact our after-sales mailbox to consult related maintenance and accessories support. Our official email is

  • @Support Z how about phone screen cracked? isn't it suppose to be shockproof?

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    @heyrol.007 In order to prevent the broken screen from hurting your fingers during use, I suggest you replace the screen.
    Rugged mobile phone design and selection of materials are based on IP standards, and it is really difficult to choose in terms of screen glass: it is necessary to ensure that the display of the display is clear, the operation of the touch screen is sensitive and interference-free, and high-strength, high-toughness and impact resistance are required. , The Corning glass and Panda glass we have chosen are already the most qualified on the market.
    But it can't be changed, it still belongs to glass, and it may be broken. This is related to the mechanics of materials. Simply put, the screen itself has its weak point. If there is a concentrated force on or near this weak point, it may cause it to break.
    Finally, you can take a look at the drop test screen recorded in our factory test. In terms of production and testing, we do indeed do it.!AvX9KABcpSV1k2hZNVHewdx_Y4OM?e=JeTQMe

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