Earpiece speaker not working

  • Just few days ago I bought a doogee S40 (NEW phone, not the pro version). I put the sim card inside, started the phone and gone through the android installation routine.
    At the end calls were not possible, because the earpiece was mute (no audible calling signal and no voice of the conversation partner after the connection was established).
    Switching to the speaker did work, I could talk like this, the same with headphones connected, everything all right. even the built in call recorder did record the voice of the calling partner.
    Just the classic way, the earpiece speaker did not work.

    I sent the phone back to the shop I got it from and they sent me another doogee S40 (also a brand NEW phone). I have the same issue now with this new phone.

    So two phones in a row I have the exact same situation.

    What is wrong with those devices ???
    the phones are european versions, Android 9.0 (DOOGEE-S40-Android9.0-20200821) it is the version which got installed by a doogee update just after initialization of the phone.

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    Sorry for the unpleasant experience.

    Could you please tell me the IMEI number of your current mobile phone?

    Please try to slightly press the receiver position during the call to check if there is any sound from it?@artur2000

  • @Support Z

    IMEI 1: 356316103784591

    IMEI 2: 356316103784609

    What do you mean by "press the receiver position"? 

  • @artur2000 The earpiece position is next to the front camera on the top of the phone

  • Yes after pushing this area, sometimes the earpiece is working, then randomly stops agin etc. after reboot

  • @service So did we just find out, those devices are simply broken?

  • @artur2000 It is recommended that you contact our after-sales mailbox for related maintenance and accessories support. Our official email is service@doogee.cc

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  • If your earpiece speaker is not working, it may be due to a common issue such as a loose wire, a bad connection, la times crossword or a broken speaker. In order to troubleshoot the issue, you will need to remove the speaker and check the connections. If the problem is with the speaker itself, you will need to remove the screws and remove the speaker housing. If the problem is with the connection between the speaker and the earpiece, you will need to replace the connection or fix the issue. 

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