Doogee V10 Type C to 3.5mm Issue

  • Hello Support,

    Not sure what I am doing incorrectly, please advise.

    I got this item hooked up between the phone and powered speakers.

    However, I am not getting any sound output from the powered speakers.

    Is that the correct Type C to 3.5mm?

    It would be nice if DOOGEE include the Type C to 3.5mm cable as part of the accessories.

    I have an old LEAGOO M13 with a 3.5mm jack and it outputs to the speakers.



  • @Donovan Dumetz Good day, our V10 mobile phone supports type c to 3.5 headphone jack, you can try to use different brands of adapters

  • @Fragrant X Thanks for your response.

    Can you point me to a type c to 3.5 headphone jack that works with V10?

    That will save me the expense of buying different jacks to find the one that works,

    Is there a reason why this one does not work?

  • @Donovan Dumetz good day,You can buy the headphone jack through your local mobile phone repair shop or mobile phone accessories store.

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  • I understand that you're experiencing issues with getting sound output from the powered speakers when using the Type C to 3.5mm adapter with your Doogee phone. Here are a few suggestions to troubleshoot the problem:

    Check the compatibility: Ensure that the Type C to 3.5mm adapter you purchased is compatible with your specific Doogee phone model. Some adapters may be designed to work with certain phone models or have compatibility limitations. Verify if the adapter you have supports audio output for your particular Doogee phone.

    Test the adapter with other devices: To confirm if the adapter is functioning correctly, try using it with other devices that have a Type C port, such as another phone or a computer. If the adapter works fine with other devices and produces sound output, then the issue might be specific to your Doogee phone.

    Verify the settings on your Doogee phone: Make sure the audio output settings on your Doogee phone are configured correctly. Go to the phone's settings and look for the sound or audio settings. Ensure that the output is set to the correct audio device, such as the Type C port or headphone jack if available.


    Rachel Gomez


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