Doogee V10 Type C to 3.5mm Issue

  • Hello Support,

    Not sure what I am doing incorrectly, please advise.

    I got this item hooked up between the phone and powered speakers.

    However, I am not getting any sound output from the powered speakers.

    Is that the correct Type C to 3.5mm?

    It would be nice if DOOGEE include the Type C to 3.5mm cable as part of the accessories.

    I have an old LEAGOO M13 with a 3.5mm jack and it outputs to the speakers.



  • @Donovan Dumetz Good day, our V10 mobile phone supports type c to 3.5 headphone jack, you can try to use different brands of adapters

  • @Fragrant X Thanks for your response.

    Can you point me to a type c to 3.5 headphone jack that works with V10?

    That will save me the expense of buying different jacks to find the one that works,

    Is there a reason why this one does not work?

  • @Donovan Dumetz good day,You can buy the headphone jack through your local mobile phone repair shop or mobile phone accessories store.

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