screenshot sound

  • When I make a screenshot there is an annoying super loud shutter sound, disturbing people around me. How can I make it silent? 

    I can reduce phone volumes, but then everything is silent, including ringtone.

  • @midomio2017 Hello, the shutter volume is integrated with the volume sound, you can try to lower the volume

  • Sure, of course, but is it possible to mute screenshot sound in general, without disturbing general system sound settings? What is the sense in this loud sound? Even the camera sound can be switched off, so why is logical not being able to mute this disturbing sound? It is just extra hassle without any justified advntage or reason.

  • Hmm, yes... I completely agree with you, the sound of the screenshot is very loud and annoying, it can be turned off by setting sound profiles, as it was in old phones. Well, so far the only solution I'm using is to simply turn down the overall volume completely. You can also try to search on youtube or insta some videos about this. And of course you can usually use the help of to quickly increase their number.

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  • I absolutely agree with you; the screenshot's loud, obnoxious sound can be disabled by selecting sound profiles, much like in earlier phones. happy wheels

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  •  When I make a screenshot there is an annoying super loud shutter sound, disturbing people around me. How can I make it silent?

  • I completely agree with you; just like in earlier phones, selecting sound profiles will allow you to turn off the screenshot's intrusive, loud sound. 



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