• Dear friends!
    I need your help very much. Please help me.
    I have my DOOGEE X5 MAX PRO reset  to factory defaults and cannot start it now
    It asks me about choosing a languague and then writes WAIT (and Google services Error occured)
    I would like to reinstall the firmware using a Smart Phone Flash Tool
    but I need a good scatter file because it says I have another kind of chip
    Please please help me dear China friends
    From Russian with best Wishes
    Thank you

  • @Aleksey Vasilyev

    "Dear customers,

    The link below is the firmware and upgrade tool for the X5 max. Please open and download.
    Please contact me if you encounter problems during the upgrade process. I will try my best to serve you.
    Note if your computer system is in French. Please change the name of the downloaded file.!AvX9KABcpSV1hgyEV4WvKtnr9y4h?e=2bzsSU
    When upgrading firmware, do not select the "Format All + Download" option
    When the phone flashes, install the software first, turn off the phone, and connect the phone to the computer.

    best wishes

  • @Aleksey Vasilyev Here is the flash link for your phone model

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