Issue with changing Access Point Name for new Network

  • I have an S95Pro and I am in the UK. I recently changed Networks (from Three to Talkmobile). The new SIM is activated and calls and texts are working fine, but I am not getting data connection. I have spoken to the Talkmobile customer service who have given me instructions on how to change the Access Point Name and the associated details/settings. However when I navigate on the phone Settings>Network&Internet>Mobile Network>Advanced>Access Point Names   I get 4 options with Radial buttons. When I hold my finger on an  one of the access point names - I cannot edit as it is all greyed out.  . Does anyone have any advice? 

  • Good day Michael,

    If you go back one menu option, To APNS, there should be a plus symbol on the right, that is where you can add your APN details for your new network.

  • Thanks for your response.  Unfortunately I cannot spot the plus symbol. Below is a screen shot of the previous menu - the 3 dots only gives me the option to reset to default (which I have also tried and rebooted).

    Here is also a screen shot of the previous menu:


  • @Michael Eyre Ok, that's very strange, I honestly have no other suggestions, sorry. I have an X96 Pro with two SIM cards in (Vodacom and MTN) and had no issue changing APNs for my network data (MTN)

  • The problem with changing the Access Point Name for a new network is that it can cause issues with the devices that are connected to it. This is because these devices will try to connect to the old APN and will not be able to connect to the new one. To solve this issue, some people have started using a VPN service which allows them to change their IP address and use a different APN.

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