Operating System and Firmware for the S86 Pro

  • I need the operating system and firmware for my Doogee S86 Pro. Could anyone make it available to me?

  • @Gabriel Fiorini

    "Dear customer,

    The following links are the firmware and upgrade tools for the s86pro. Please open and download.
    If you encounter problems during the upgrade process, please contact me. I'll do my best to serve you.
    thank you
    Please note if your computer system is French. Please change the name of the downloaded file.
    https://1drv.ms/f/s! AvX9KABcpSV1lGDKYF2cIUMp6Ud3
    The tutorial
    https://1drv.ms/u/s! AvX9KABcpSV1kTOgCMsUkLyXY-we? e=nMchxl
    Do not select Format all + Download when upgrading the firmware
    When the mobile phone flickers, please install software first, turn off the mobile phone, and then connect the mobile phone to the computer.

    Best wishes
    Thank you"

  • Good day, S95Pro supports VO LTE calls, and it can be used if the SIM card supports it.

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  • I think it is better to find on some topics or other forum of operating system and firmware. google feud

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