Doogee V20 Software suggestions - update

  • Hello. I bought a Doogee V20 in the EU version. I am happy with the phone. I would like to 
    suggest the software developer to introduce some new solutions.
    The phone will be updated
    any time soon, I think.
    Suggestions for upcoming updates :

    Wake up the phone screen by double clicking - It is sorely lacking.
    This feature is probably present in every phone.
    Information about the estimated charging time of the phone's battery. It only shows the battery
    percentage :(.
    3. The ability to record full hd movies at 60 frames per second (60 FPS).
    Once in my old phone,
    the manufacturer in the new update added a 60 FPS feature to the camera, which was not there
    Add the feature of automatic recording of phone calls at the moment of starting a call.
    At the moment, you have to manually press the button to record the call. You have to remember
    5. My software version - Android 11, Polish.
    When he covers the front camera of the phone with his
    finger, a warning message appears in Russian or Ukrainian. This is a mistake, because my
    language on the phone is Polish :).
    Can it be improved?

    I'd like to see the above-mentioned suggestions in future phone updates. Would be nice.
    A producer who listens to his customers is always good at it :). These are changes to the software.
    Possible to do. If only willingness would suffice.

    I would like to ask if the phone is upgraded to Android 12? If yes then when ?

  • It would be also great to remove nfc Service notification when nfc is enabled. 

  • @Marcin Terlecki Hi, switch it to silent for now, at least it doesn't always light up on the notification bar.

  • Point 5 of my original post will be resolved in the April update. I spoke to the Doogee
    employee. As for Android 12, there are no plans to update the phone in the near future,
    but the Doogee company has ensured that the Doogee V20 will get such an update :).

  • Informacje o baterii oraz jej zużycie przez aplikacje w V20 są wręcz zerowe. Można zobaczyć % i w moim przypadku po odłączeniu ladowania % nadal rosną. Telefon jest już odłączony od ładowania (nie jest to problem techniczny?)





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  • @Damian Twardowski a me hanno detto ieri in questo forum che non verrà aggiornato 

  • @steve smith a me hanno detto che non verrà aggiornato 

  • I have read about this software many times but have updated it afew times only. Everytime I am searching for 123movie, I come across content about this software update. I don’t understand the connection.

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  • @Damian Twardowski I own a V20 and have yet to see and update. Android 13 is out now. Dont think it is going to happen.

  • This brand of mobile phone totally disappointed me, since I had bought it, no update, nor the safe updates that Android is doing. This DOOGEE V20 also has Harvard's fingerprint problems. It is less reported for me, never again the DOOGEE mobile brand, even if someone gave it to me for free. I guess .....😡

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  • System updates: Pizza Tower Make sure your phone's software is up to date by checking for any system updates. This can help ensure that your phone runs smoothly and has the latest security features.

  • Hello! 

    I'm an owner of V20, please make an Android update for the device....

  • Doogee V20 always has timely updates and matches the trend of Drift Boss users.

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