S59Pro speaker problem

  • Hi,

    since yesterday i have a problem with my S59Pro speaker. It doesn't work, not a single sound. 

    I tried to make a full reset just in case it was a software error, but it still not working.

    Any idea?


  • it's a pressure difference problem. put your mouth on the slots of the speaker and pull the air out of the phone into yourself. the problem goes away immediately.

  • Are you sure it's faulty software? Restart the system. This action will start up to start up all the service running hidden and help the works that running back as normal after which must be any fixed things before that, including the phone loaf not running.

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  • @Pedro Pedregal Hello friends, I'm sorry for the inconvenience, can you provide us with a video? This is our after-sales email: service@doogee.cc

  • @Dmytro Aksenov Thanks for your answer, it worked. word hurdle

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