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  • Anche con le cuffie inserite la radio non funziona 

  • Dear DOOGEE support team the DOOGEE V20 FM Radio is finally working for me!
    It took me more than two weeks of swearing and trying different combinations of headdphone adapters and 3.5 mm stereo earphones.
    The only way that the FM radio works for me is the following:
    As the Headphone Jack Adapter, use a HUAWEI Headphone Jack Adapter USB-C to 3.5mm Model  CM20
    Make sure to put the USB-C connector with the HUAWEI brand name up in the phone's USB-C port, the other way around doesn't work.
    I now can choose for speaker output also! 
    Kind regards,

  • Absurdly engrossing! Well done!

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