S40pro no sound

  • I have a S40pro over 1 month.

    Problem: no sound (not in speaker, not in earphone).

    Further information:
    I don't use it as a phone, I only use it for navigation and for internet by WLAN.
    Navigation: Magic Earth or OsmAnd when driving a car (voice is very important),
    OsmAnd for outdoor (without voice).
    I can use both offline.
    Videos by WLAN (e.g. YouTube) have no voice, are deadly silent.

    What I did: I activated all sound options, but this did not help.
    What I did: I uninstalled some newer apps, but this did not help.

    From Google Play I installed "Phone Doctor Plus", this tool shows a red "X" what means that the speakers cannot be tested.


    What must I do?

    Thx in advance for your hints,

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