V20 Fingerprint Sensor Issue

  • Hi! Please help me. The fingerprint sensor in my V20 stopped working. A few days ago, there's a mesage on the screen saying "fingerprint hardware not available" but now it's gone and the fingerprint sensor is not working at all.

  • I have exactly the same problem. Also started a few days ago.
    Restarting does not resolve the issue, in case one wondered

  • @Sam Van Parys @O T  

    Please contact our after-sales email support-service@doogee.cc to deal with the problem.

  • My fingerprint sensor had the same problem with just 2 months of use, the rear display stopped working either.

  • after 4 weeks  use my fingerprint sensor stopped working, i contacted the customer service.. they sent me the spare part...

  • @Support Zwei in my experience, the support received was this : "

    Dear Customer,
    Good day, in this case, the fingerprint hardware is broken. We can provide you with support for accessories, so that you can find a repair shop around your residence for replacement. Would you like to?
    Best wishes

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