DOOGEE 56 pro assistance communicated nothing no positive feedback to what

  • It seems to me that your failure to resolve it is somewhat singular and superficial.

    Forward my request to your CEO who will surely be able to give more comprehensive answers.

    Replacing a product on your part shouldn't be so onerous and would demonstrate a seriousness of the company.

    Therefore I ask you again to satisfy my request also to show attention to your customers.

    As an alternative in my small way to every review on your products I will not fail to express what happened by discouraging the purchase of the same for experience of what happened and for your refusal to find adequate solutions.

    Sending me a replacement phone would certainly not have compromised your balance sheets and your turnover.


    Please send our correspondence to your General Manager who is perhaps more sensitive and decisive to satisfy my request and certainly has the power to do so unlike what you declare impossible.

    In addition, your dealer in Italy who does not give me a worthy answer, perhaps your intervention would be necessary as he does not represent you and does not respond. You have the contacts of the same that I have previously communicated to you.

    In any case, please let me know if the application will be sent as requested to your Director.

    Or provide me with the administrator's email so please otherwise I'll try to send him our email exchange myself.

    I have already contacted the seller, the which  did not answer me at all on the matter, therefore I have rightly contacted you to solve the problem as I repeat the phone of and broken at the first fall obviously defective as it is sold and sponsored by you as shockproof. Now I would kindly like to know, if you intend to send me a replacement phone, demonstrating the seriousness of the company.

    The contact where I bought the phone has been sent to you, attached, and since he is a customer of yours in Italy and a seller of your brand, he did not deign to answer me, contact him if you think so.

    However, the product I purchased does not comply with the technical characteristics you have illustrated as shockproof since the glass shattered in the first episode.

    I am awaiting rediscovery at this time hoping to be satisfied with your ways of operating towards your end customers and users of your product.

    As I have already written to you previously, the phone fell out of the pocket and the glass was destroyed for the first time, as per the attached photos, therefore, having seen the characteristics you list as shockproof phone and equipped with a cornig gorilla class screen, I kindly ask for the replacement, to demonstration of the seriousness of your company, I hope you send me a new one to the address listed below:

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