Can't keep apps running in background and other issues

  • I should have written this post a long time ago because these issues have been present since the first day I owned the phone.  I would appreciate any feedback or solutions.  

    1.  I can't keep apps running in the background even if I have turned battery optimization for that app off.  For example, I have a Ring doorbell that can send alerts to my phone when someone is on my front porch.   After a day or so, I stop getting the alerts.  The only way to get the alerts running again is to restart the app, but after a few hours I will stop getting alerts again.  

    2. System notifications will routinely get stuck at the bottom of my screen.  These alerts will stay there for hours and I can't swipe them away.  See the image below about the system manager freeing memory.  These alerts get in the way of me seeing the screen.  They also obscure the keyboard.  

    3.  There is a double lag when taking pictures.  When you take a picture, the screen will flash slightly.  However, the camera has not taken a picture yet.   You have to wait a few seconds more until the camera ACTUALLY takes the picture.  I've learned to live with this but if I give my phone to someone else to take a picture they can't get it to work.  

    There are other problems, but that's all I can think of at the moment.   I would get a new phone (probably switch back to Samsung) but I LOVE the HUGE battery and ruggedness on this phone.  


  • If an application is not used for a long time and hangs in the background, it will be closed according to the Android policy to reduce power consumption and empty the cache.
    Please confirm whether third-party management applications are installed, and whether the setting - Duraspeed is enabled, if it is enabled, please add the applications you do not want to be closed to the whitelist.

    If you have problems with taking pictures, you can try to clear the cache of the camera application, which can be somewhat improved.

  • @Support Zwei Thanks for your reply.  I'm not sure I understand the policy.  This means apps like Ring Doorbell.    I miss deliveries at my front door because Android cancels this background app.  It works on Samsung and iPhone.  

    Also, Nest app can't tell me when the smoke detectors have gone off in my home.  This is a safety concern.  

    Tasker does not work either.  

    I looked in the Google Play store and did not see Duraspeed.  What is this? 

    Thanks.   Darren 

  • @Support Zwei  Same problem here.

    I have just bought an S88Pro and I have a VPN program and a GPS tracking app that go in background.

    I disabled battery optimization for both. GPS tracking is working with a 1s sampling period, so it is definetly not in idle, but the system is killing them continously.

    That's very annoying, since other phones (i.e. Samsung) does not have this behaviour.

    I obviously like to have a battery lasting 2 days, but if program cannot run I can just switch off the phone entirely and battery lasts months with no difference.

    Is there any way to whitelist some apps?




  • @Ernesto Terribile 

    Just another bit of information:
    For both apps I selected "Not optimize battery" in the Settings/App menu.

    The selection is just ignored.

    In the System Settings application (that come preinstalled) I cannot choose VPN and GPS logger (?!?) among the Application in execution (sorry, but my os is not in English, so I am writing what I suppose is the english translation).

    I also tried to force stop of DuraSpeed, but no effect at all.



  • Hi @Darren Overby 

    I was able to partially solve the issue

    I put my programs in the whitelist as @Support Zwei told, but no luck.
    Hence I connect with Adb and issue a disable-user command of the duraspeed application.

    I have other apps that keep being killed, but my vpn and the logger works

    If you want I can recover the command from my command history and write here

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