Doogee S97 Pro ends calls after accepting them but only from contacts!

  • Hello,

    my friend  has a Doogee s97 Pro, but it has recently developed a problem....
    When someone in his contact list (google account) calls him, his phone rings, and he can answer, but as soon as he asnwers the call, it is ended....

    When soneone calls that is NOT in is contact list, he can answer the call no problem....
    I tested this also by removing myself from his contact list, and then i can call him no problem, but when i am in his contact list, the call is ended as soon as my friend answers the call....

    any idea how to fix this?

    I suspect this is a setting he changed withoud knowing.... but i can't find it :(

  • anyone????

  • really?? No help at all???

    And no other way to contact support???


    this sucks :(


    I can't find any settings that have to do with the behaviour the phone shows.

    Also tested: remove someone from the contact list, and pronto.... he can answer a call from them...
    Someone that is in the contact list, he can answer, but the phone hangs up automaticly (and imediately).
    He can call everyone, also people in his contact list, no problem....


  • @Pieter van Ginneken Hello, I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Have you tried to reset it

  • @ he does not want to reset it... but if this is the only way...... :(

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