V20 faulty on arrival

  • V20 faulty on arrival - screen unreadable looked like it'd had impact but sometimes rebooted to readable.

    After weeks of discussion it was sent back.. a month of postage, then a month plus waiting for updates, chasing several times a week..

    For all the promises of what the phones can do, the service is non existent...

    Just posting as a warning of the V20 fault..

  • Serviço deles são péssimos! Tenho s96Pro Android 10 Q, lento, câmera bloqueada, aquecendo, sem lanterna, sem digital e sem face ID. Levei em um técnico e falou que o problema é o Android e que o celular está zero. Só que a Doogee não atualiza. E nem responde as mensagens.

    Eu estava pedindo o v10 pra minha filha, um s98 pro pra minha esposa e relógio pra mim, não quero mais, vou comprar Samsung ou Apple 

  • Just a tip, if you buy Chinese electronics (any brand), don't expect any service + their quality control is a far stretch from that of western companies, so expect a lot more dodgy products too.

    If the price / specs still persuades you to buy their products, buy from Amazon or another large retailer with outstanding support. They will deal with your issues without having to go straight to the manufacturer.

  • Obrigado pela dica

  • Não irei comprar produtos chinês! Pra mim deu.

  • @hey gast 

    Bought V20 a few months ago, alreadyhas few issues, starting with fingeprint scanner working on and off . Now dropping calls, adding intrantional dialing codes to US contacts all of a sudden. No support from Doogee, and the seller Banggood is no help at all .

    About to start dispute with credit card. 


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