Wireless charging dodgy on V20

  • Hi,

    I have issues with wireless charging, probably due to the NFC chip not being in the center of the phone and me placing it incorrectly on the charger.

    So I'd like to know where exactly the chip is located so I can place my phone on the charger in the most efficient way.



  • @hey gast  hello is located at the bottom of the phone 

  • DOOGEE can't center it for some reason. The S90 was offset weird and hard to get working properly as well. 

  • You have the omacp malware on your phone. 

    DOOGEE installs this themselves! Everyone with a DOOGEE phone is being watched and having their information stolen at alarming rates. 


    Factory resets don't work to fix this. I believe they have built it into an app to hide what it is. 


    I work on IT daily and will eventually find this file location. 


    If you have any questions or concerns message me. Let's figure this out together since DOOGEE WILL NOT help us. 

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