Time to do OTA update?

  • Hi there.

    I just received my S98 and am in the pricess of setting everything up. I noted there was an OTA update available (about 100MB) and am in the process of installing, but it's been about 10 minutes on the "Installing" screen so far with no change.

    How long should it take?

  • 10 minutes is a normal phenomenon. According to the current mobile phone update, most of them use 30 minutes as a reference standard. The size of the updated installation package is not directly related to the installation time.

  • There is no correlation between the size of the updated installation package woodoku and the amount of time required for the installation.

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  • Здравствуйте, обновил по воздуху Doogee s98 , после обновления постоянно появляется сам по себе значок геолокации. Хотя доступ всем приложениям запрещен. Что делать?

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