Custom Smart Buttons Setup (on S97 Pro)

  • I recently bought the  "Rugged Smartphone Laser Rangefinder DOOGEE S97 PRO" that has two (2) Custom Smart Buttons (as physical buttons) on the left side of the smartphone. My question is related to the setup of the second Custom Smart Button: indeed inside the "Setting page" (of Android), I can find just the setup options of 1 (one) Smart Button (the first top button) and nothing regarding the second Smart Button (the lower button). So the question is:
    How I can set up the second Smart Button?
    Where do I need to go in order to find the options for setting up this second Smart Button?

    (** Note that originally no action is linked to the button and so at the present nothing happens clicking the button.)

    Any suggestion?


  • @Paolo B This is S97 Pro custom key Settings tutorial link:! AvX9KABcpSV1mAhL3Je9BIOHCjAo? e=nWjKAk

  • no video needed...

    left top button: settings>custom key function

    left bottom button: settings->emergency rescue->custom key function


  • Hi, I have the same problem, cannot find how to customise that button. There is no "custom key function" option under the emergency rescue for me and the above video is not available. Could I please get some help? Thanks, Gabor

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