S98 Bricked after using default camera scan code app - will not start anymore

  • Received my presale Doogee S98 on June the 4th and after unboxing and configuring according to my preferences and accepting the latest DooGee OS update I was happy with this phone.
    On the 28th of June I used the default DooGee camera app for scanning a QR-code to order a meal.
    After ordering and paying I've noticed an hour later that my DooGee was stuck in the "starting up" screen.

    I rebooted it shows the powered by android, then the DooGee logo with the "golden hue" and after that it remains again in the startup screen showing the DooGee name and nothing happens.
    The phone remains in this state till the battery is drained and shuts off.

    After charging and retrying several times this situations still persist and brand new phone is useless now, I can't even reach it when connected via my PC.

    Please HELP!!!

  • Try booting into recovery mode. Hold VOL- and PWR until phone vibrates. Release PWR and keep holding VOL- for a bit longer. Should take you to recovery. Worst-case, you should be able to do a factory reset from here.

  • Thanx for the information Steven B,

    When following your instructions I got the following options presented to me on screen:
    Android Recovery
    Use volume up/down and power.

    Reboot system now
    Reboot to boorloader
    Enter Fastboot
    View recovery logs
    Run graphics tests
    Run locale test
    Power off

    I've chosen: Reboot to bootloader

    After 45 minutes still nothing has happened.

    Again followed your rebout instructions
    Now I've got more additional options including now:
    Apply update from ADB - My Comment: I dont have dev skills so no use
    Apply update from SD card - My Comment: Lessons learned for the next time, now not available
    Wipe data/factory reset
    Mount  /system - My Comment: This one I'm choosing now - Will keep you posted.

  • I'm back Steven B.

    Mount system didn't do anything, only brought me back to the abovementioned menu.
    Connected my DooGee S98 to my PC, but was still not visible
    The View recovery logs option activated, like I said I'm not a Devver, so it was a bit of abracadabra to me.

    Now I'm out of options and I'll need to do the most dreaded option: Wipe data/factory reset.

  • THANKS!!! Steven B. !!!

    I can start over again, happy me.

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