DOOGEE S59Pro new EEA software version released DOOGEE-S59Pro-Android10-20220608

  • The DOOGEE S59Pro version is updated as follows:

    EEA:2022-07-04 m602b-dg-m17-1024g32g-hdp-bom4-Q0-eu_DOOGEE-S59Pro-Android10-20220608_R24 

    1. Update google security patch
    2. Optimize the problem that the sound of the three-party audio call is too small
    EEA FOTA vesion:DOOGEE-S59Pro-Android10-20220608

    Software version link:!AttudHY3VOazg3ZctKMkG4Z7VQDd?e=sZwbSo

    Flash tool operation is recommended to experienced users only. If you are not yet an experienced flash tool user, please carefully read the flash tool tutorial before proceeding, and strictly follow each instruction.

    Except if an authorized or responsible expert directly asked you to do that,
    never format the flash chip of your device or you instantly lose your warranty!

    DOOGEE S59Pro receives all updates automatically via FOTA method. You need this tool only in case of emergency (if you've bricked your phone), if you want to apply a clean install or if you want to clear all root access and custom recovery to make your phone able to receive FOTA updates again. Moreover, flashing with SPFT is the only option to repair (replace) damaged system software.

    Flashing tool link:!AttudHY3VOazgRRX56VwVwWuVqpH?e=WNheEd

  • when will an android 11 or 12 come out

  • I also updated and used DOOGEE-S59Pro-Android10-20220608. run 3

  • @Vinicius Sad Good day, this model has no plans to update the android version for the time being.

  • @boystrong1003 eddy Good day, thank you for your support of DOOGEE mobile phone, I wish you a happy life.

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