DOOGEE V30 eSIM Card Instructions

  • 1. DOOGEE V30 has added eSIM features, that is: without inserting any physical card, you can download and use eSIM to make calls and surf the Internet by scanning the QR code.
    2. Our eSIM function is enabled by default. When the eSIM function is turned on, the card slot 2 will recognize the eSIM first. At this time, the physical card inserted into the card slot 2 cannot be recognized.
    3. If the card slot 2 needs to insert a physical card, you must first enter the settings and turn off the eSIM function, so that the card slot 2 can recognize the signal of the physical card.

    Attach the location map of the card slot SIM1 and SIM2.

    This link is the download, use, and deletion instructions of eSIM, and friends in need can preview it:!AvX9KABcpSV1pENbN8uzS8AhYYYk?e=wclZJW

  • Hi

    On my phone esim doesn't work :(

  • @Waldemar C.Good day, sorry to hear the bad information. Can you provide a video of how you do it? Did you purchase the QR from another platform. Whether the eSIM toolkit that comes with the mobile phone is used to scan the QR code to download it.

  • Whether I take the qr code from camera or photo or enter manually, allways the same error.

    The QR Code is generated by the Polish operator Orange. (On iPhone don't have any problems)

  • I Just bought a v30 and i have exactly the same problem: I cannot install or upload the QR code of my Italian eSIM... Message go over saying error and to try again.. i tried many times.. doesn't work...

  • @Maximilian Berno what to do??? In my iPhone that eSIM work correctly..




  • @Fragrant X how to risolve this issue... 


  • @Maximilian Berno Good day, you are the free QR we provided to you can not be used. Or is it that the eSIM with voice function purchased separately cannot be used? Where is the carrier you purchased from?

  • Same issue, installing via esim toolkit. It is only a data plan for Malaysia purchased from Nomad, have tried 5 times now getting the following error every time

  • @Chris Stockdale Good day, did you buy an eSIM with voice function? If yes, you need to find the operator to confirm this error report.

  • Hi, do the eSIM profiles you are trying to download need to have a voice pack ? 

    I tried to scan an eSIM from a site that sells eSIMs for travel and it didn't work. Are there any restrictions on the eSIMs that can be used? 

  • @Fragrant X as my post states it is a DATA ONLY plan - seems to me that you have an issue that needs sorting out

  • @Chris Stockdale Good day, I'm sorry to bring you a bad experience, what carrier are you using eSIM? Where did you buy it from? You ask the operator whether our mobile phone supports it. Do I need to be connected to the Internet to use it? There are no restrictions.

  • @Enrique Frontado Good day, we ship QR with free traffic. You can scan and use it. If you purchased QR through other channels, especially those with voice function. You need to make sure that the operator has no restrictions on our mobile phones. Whether there are network access restrictions.

  • Good day, i am using doogee V30. I have converted my physical sim to Esim but during setup im getting the error. My network provider is ooredoo in qatar. Please help to resolve the issue.

    Error during esim setup

  • @Jam Riv Good day. Does your esim card have voice function? Please check with your carrier if you need to set it up. Are there restrictions on mobile phones?

  • @Fragrant X as per carrier representative no voice function and no restriction on mobile phones..

  • @Jam Riv Good day. Are you using the QR we send? Or is it a QR purchased from your own store?

  • @Fragrant X im using the qrcode i purchased from the network provider ooredoo.

  • @Jam Riv Good day, does our mobile phone need to be certified by the operator or upload real-name information? Can the QR we provide you for free be used normally?

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