The Solution of DOOGEE T20 Tablet Touchless

  •         For users who have recently experienced tablet touch-free issues. Please upgrade to the latest version: DOOGEE-T20-EEA_18-Android12.0-20230223. If it is not the latest version, you can connect OTG with a mouse through the tablet. Use the mouse to operate. Click Settings-About Tablet System Update, check for updates.
            If it is already the latest version there is no touch. You can connect the OTG with the mouse through the tablet. Use the mouse to operate. Click Settings - System Reset Options - Erase All Data (Restore Factory Settings). Can solve the no-touch problem.
    Note: When restoring the factory settings, the data needs to be backed up in advance.

  • Where can I download this version for EEA ?

  • @Nilesh Patel Good day, what is your current tablet version number? I will check it for you here and give you the version link. You can check the version number by shutting down the tablet.

  • Hi, it looks like my T20 has updated to 20220223 version now.

    Can you provide a full firmware of this version, so that I can flash if needed.




  • @Nilesh Patel Good day, this is the software link:!AttudHY3VOazhzgFf7oEVI4Ae_-L?e=kf1rpG
    This is a tool and tutorial for flashing. Do not use the flash mode when it is not necessary.!AvX9KABcpSV1pDJuTy9-1aDGunf-?e=RwZMfj

  • Hi, Thanks.


    Is it possible to flash this version if device is NOT bricked ?

  • @Nilesh Patel Good day, if there is no problem with the tablet, you don’t need to flash it

  • Thanks for great sharing here. Let's keep up your great working.



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  • After updating android touch screen does not work, tried all methods, does not help

  • I have not used this tablet yet but i think it is awsome to use.

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