DOOGEE Hearlth Care Gift

First Batch Out of stock, Now We Provide Another 500Pcs Free DOOGEE Hearlth Care Gift, Check The Rule Below. Due to COVID-19, We set DHL as default logistic Solution(Fast & Never Lost). Few In stock, Shipped in 3 Days.

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5pcs Domask Giveaway For Free

Price :USD DHL/FedEx
Color : White
Quantity : - 1 +

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1.How to Get the DOOGEE Free KN95 Masks? 

Dear DOOGEE Friends,Hope everyone is fine Now! In order to express our gratitude for users who always support DOOGEE, meanwhile express our caring for users, especially show the determination to fight the Coronovirus together, we have Prepared the second batch -500 pieces(First Batch Out of Stock) high quality KN95 mask for free. Please remember that you are not alone and DOOGEE will always be with you and hope everything will recover very soon!

2. Free DOOGEE KN95 Masks Rules: 

Application Period: APRIL. - JUNE. (Hope everything will be fine soon)

Available Quantity: 500 pieces (10pcs/pack for one people at largest or we will not send) 

3. Free DOOGEE KN95 Masks Tips: 

1.No Mask Fee Charge! You Just need pay Delivery fee -Due to COVID-19, We set DHL and Fedex as Default !
2.Everyone can only appy once, Another chance to receive the mask if you didn't get it this time.
3.Delivery may be a little delay during these days,  sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding!
4.Due to the large demand now, we kindly recommend you apply for it as reasonably required.
5.DOOGEE reserves the rights to the final explanation of the event.

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