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Thermal imaging is a technology that have found a lot of uses in the professional setting. From engineers, first responders, construction workers, safety inspectors, thermal cameras uses knows no bound
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Thermal imaging is a technology that have found a lot of uses in the professional setting. From engineers, first responders, construction workers, safety inspectors, thermal cameras uses knows no boundaries.


Electrical Maintenance

When current pass through a resistor, some of the electrical power is dissipated as heat. As the connection ages, resistance increase, and so does the among of heat produced. Engineers use thermal cameras to track the increase in temperature to know when a connection needs to be replaced.

Electrical maintenance thermal camera application | Doogee blog


Pipe and Duct Blockages

It is important for pipes and ducts to be always free to deliver water to the user and take out waste water when we don't need them. Sometimes, blockages form in pipes, if left unchecked, can lead to disruption in quality of service delivery. Thermal camera can help with early detection and maintenance.

First Responders 

Thermal imaging cameras are essential for firefighters. It helps them see beyond thick clouds of smoke and reveal what is behind it. It is great for finding people trapped in burning buildings or avoiding doors with fire behind them.

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Thermal cameras have become a staple in most militaries around the world, either in the form of integrated cameras mounted on individual gears or on vehicles. Thermal imaging have also deployed in home security since it can uncover hotspots in pitch-black, it can spot intruders hiding behind shrubs and bushes.

Mechanical Installations

In order to prevent unwanted vibrations and stress, mechanical installation require a high amount of precision. Thermal cameras are able to pick up heat created by forces such as friction. 

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Moisture And Leak Detection

Getting on top of leaks are very important to making sure the structural integrity of a building is not compromised. Leaking pipes left unchecked can leak to very expensive repairs, which are in most cases also time-consuming. Thermal cameras, however, can easily detect this conditions and save you a ton of money and  time.

Gas Detection

Thermal cameras can pick up the temperature difference at the point of a leak caused by the pressure variance. 

Gas Detection Thermal Camera Application | Doogee

Having Fun With Family And Friends

Now that we have talked about the serious and professional uses of thermal cameras, it's time we talk about the fun uses. Off the top of my head you can use infrared thermal cameras to:

  1. Taking silly fun pictures 
  2. Shooting videos 
  3. Silly games - Piss everyone off by constantly checking their temperatures 
  4. Cheating - Finding hiding spots of others in hide-and-seek games  
  5. Safety - checking to see if intruders are hiding behind shrubs 

There are so many uses that we can list it all in one write up. If you can think of other fun or interesting way to deploy this technology, you might want to get your hands on Doogee S98 Pro when it comes out in early June.

Doogee S98 Pro With Thermal Camera | Doogee

It is built on MediaTek Helio G96 SoC, sports a 6.3” LCD FHD display, powered by a 6000mAh battery which supports up to 33W battery, run Android 12 straight out of the box, and comes with the best camera set - InfiRay Thermal Imaging camera, 48MP primary camera, and a 20MP night vision camera. 

The thermal sensor on this smartphone comes with twice the resolution (256x192) of the closest competitor. It also comes with 25Hz frame rate, you know what that means, MORE FUN!!!

If you want to learn about this phone, visit Doogee S98 Pro’s official page to learn more.