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Your DOOGEE S86 will make you the center of attention at any event. Take on the roles of a photographer and a DJ at the same time with your reliable sidekick.

World's First Rugged Phone With a Laser Rangefinder

Founded in Spain in March 2013, DOOGEE is a smartphone brand which caters to the niche rugged segment of the market. In October last year,the Hong Kong-based company launched the world’s first infrared night vision rugged smartphone,the S96 Pro. The durable handset boasts thebrand’s signature military grade IP rating along with large battery and memory specs.Now, rugged smartphone specialist DOOGEE is planning to unveil the S97 Pro, the world’s first such smartphone with a professional laser distancemeasurement function.The S97 Pro’s professional laser distance measurement function has multiple uses in various contexts. With it, users would be able to measuredistances between objects or points on the field, measure height of objects as big as trees and rocks, and more all done remotely, from a safedistance.Will be more convenient for home improvement,as well as for wilderness adventuresDOOGEE hopes to innovate the rugged smartphone sector with the materialization of its unique ideas. No exact launch window has been given by the rugged smartphone maker as of yet. The release date for the S97 Pro is likely to be announced soon. For now, members of the public will have to wait for further notice from DOOGEE. About DOOGEE Hengtong Technology Co., LtdDOOGEE is a technology company that was set up in Spain in March 2013. This contributes to the high performance of its products as well as their beautiful design and features, smart operation, and “micro-innovation”.DOOGEE’s new slogan is “Live Your Life,” delivering fashionable products with new technology, with the aim of becoming the most popular smartphone supplier in the world.

DOOGEE S86 Pro Upgrades the S86 with a Temperature Measurement Feature

The S86 will soon be met with a bigger, better, and badder version of itself in the form of the upgraded S86 Pro!  World-class mobile rugged phone manufacturer DOOGEE is making its mark in the industry with its state-of-the-art rugged smartphone lineup. Only recently, the brand launched the beastly S86 with outstanding specifications. The DOOGEE S86 offers the complete package: slick performance, vast memory, top-notch cameras, and almost undying battery life.  Now, there is talk that the DOOGEE S86 will be joined by another sibling to stand by its side. The new entrant to DOOGEE’s upper-tier rugged smartphone portfolio is called the S86 Pro. As the name suggests, it is set to have the S86’s bumped-up specs and is sure to impress.  Up until recently, the S86 Pro's features were shrouded in mystery. The most intriguing update is the introduction of an in-built thermometer feature. The introduction of this feature in this era is an example of engineering ingenuity and innovation we have come to expect from the giant rugged phone manufacturer.  It's also been confirmed that S86 Pro offers an upgraded memory from 6 GB to 8 GB and will retain the same 128 GB internal memory size. The S86 Pro will also be powered by the 12 nm Helio P60 processor.   On the back, the S86 Pro will feature a 16MP AI main camera, an 8MP wide-angle camera, and a 2MP macro camera. The fourth spot in the camera bump is replaced with a temperature sensor. The front camera is still an 8MP AI selfie camera.  The display is 6.1 inches in size and made of corning gorilla glass, making it resistant to scratches and breakage.   The S86 Pro is IP68 & IP69K rated and MIL-STD-810G certified. In other words, the S86 Pro is a rugged phone that can take a beating.  The S86 Pro is set to launch on June 15th on Doogee’s official Banggood, AliExpress, and Amazon stores.   There is also a giveaway currently going on. Participants will get a chance to win one of 5 S86 Pro or one of 5 Doogee wearables. Visit the official S86 Pro landing page to enter the giveaway.

DOOGEE S59 and X96 Pro: Two Diverse Products to Match Individual Needs

DOOGEE is a brand that strongly advocates quality and experience. The company aims to create durable phones with the potential towithstand weather conditions, impacts,dust and just about anything nature can throw their way. Recently, the Hong Kong-based adopted a new slogan,“Live Your Life”,expanding its core philosophy to include creation of fashionable technology products at affordable prices.SHENZHEN, China, April 21, 2021 -- The world’s leading manufacturer of rugged smartphones DOOGEE has introduced two new products to expand its current line of products.The newly unveiled duo features the S59 and the X96 Pro ― one rugged and one standard smartphone.DOOGEE S59The S59 is a rugged smartphone that offers all the functionalities of a common modern mobile phone combined with DOOGEE’s signature durability standards and a staggering 10,050mAh battery.It has an array of IP certifications to prove its rugged nature: IP68, IP69K and military grade MIL-STD-810G ratings. Jam-packed with 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM, Helio A25 octa core 1.8GHz 12nm, Android 10.0, Samsung® AI quad cameras,a powerful 2W speaker, NFC with Google Pay, and more, users can experience true power in their hands with the DOOGEE S59. DOOGEE X96 ProJoining the ranks of excellent products from DOOGEE, the X96 Pro is a colorful and stylish smartphone.It is not just a mobile device, it is a sleek and sexy gadget to help you express your personality. Usability has never been easier with the range of features the X96 Pro provides. The slim and trendy smartphone has all the latest features: a large and beautiful 6.51-inch waterdrop display,a generous 5,400mAh battery, Samsung® AI quad cameras, a dedicated 3-in-1 nano SIM + nano SIM + microSD slot, a 3.5mm audio jack, a rear-mounted fingerprint reader, and more!   Both new products from DOOGEE are already available on the AliExpress and Lazada flagship stores.To inaugurate the launch of both devices, the S59 and X96 Pro will be available for special prices between April 28th and April 30th.Avail the discount offer to purchase . . .DOOGEE S59 for $129.99DOOGEE X96 Pro for $89.99Please keep in mind that this is a time limited event. Upon conclusion of the promotion, customers will no longer be able to enjoy the above-given prices for the DOOGEE S59 and the X96 Pro.   About DOOGEE Hengtong Technology Co., LtdDOOGEE is a technology company that was set up in Spain in March 2013. This contributes to the high performance of its products as well as their beautiful design and features,smart operation, and “micro-innovation”.In October last year, the Hong Kong-based company launched the world’s first infrared night vision rugged smartphone,the S96 Pro. The durable handset boasts the brand’s signature military grade IP rating along with large battery and memory specifications.DOOGEE’s new slogan is “Live Your Life” - delivering fashionable products with new technology, with the aim of becoming the most popular smartphone supplier in the world.  

S86 Pro Article II

DOOGEE S86 Pro, The Successor to DOOGEE S86 To Launch On 15th June On Banggood And AliExpress With A Discount   The DOOGEE S86 Pro, the S86 rugged phone successor, has been in the news for quite some time. The built-in temperature check feature with an accuracy range of 0.2 °C is its main feature. With a pandemic currently disrupting life as we know it, it is more important than ever to keep track of your body temperature. S86 Pro eliminates the need to carry an extra thermometer. This feature is also useful for taking temperatures of coffee, hot water for a baby's bath, food, a sitting surface or any surface, or anything else you want to measure.

Introducing the New Rugged Smartphone DOOGEE S86 with Massive 8500 mAh Battery, 6.1” Display and 6GB RAM

Doogee continues to offer highly durable and stunning design Smartphones that are appealing to even the most demanding user.The new and impressive Doogee S86 features a massive 8500mAh battery that provides up to 4 days without charging and a stunning rugged design. The S86 is IP68 and IP69K certified, and highly durable thanks to its unique design. It’s Gorilla Glass HD display and sturdy frame makes the S86 capable of enduring the occasional drop,impacts, water, extreme weather conditions and dust. This durability is a must for users who are always on the go, and for those who are outdoor thrill seekers. The massive battery is one of the S86’s most outstanding features. The 8500mAh battery supports 24W Type-C first charge,it can last for up to 4 days and remain on standby for up to 27 days. It also supports 29 hours of call time.  This high-performance Smartphone hosts a Helio P60-octa-core processor coupled with 6GB RAM and 128 GB UFS 2.1 internal storage,making it capable of handling multiple tasks at the highest level. Additional features that has users raving about the S86 are its high performing loudspeakers, which really take the sound quality and overall volume to another level,as well as an 8MP frontal and 16MP main camera, built-in to take all the photos and videos of your everyday adventure. One of the most appealing selling points of the Doogee S86 is its selling price: $100-$200 and available via AliExpress on March 29th. DOOGEE BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY 29 FREE DEVICES, Click the link to win a free gift: LIVE VIDEO 29 MARCH 11:00 am (UK) LONDON TIMEENDS 2 APRIL 2021 (GMT),LIVE STREAMING ON YOUTUBE (29/03/2021).

Enter the DOOGEE Birthday Giveaway Today!

Looking to upgrade your phone but hard up for cash? Worry not for we have you covered!Join the DOOGEE Birthday Giveaway today for a chance to win the DOOGEE S86, a premium rugged smartphone, for the best price ever - NOTHING! It is the month of March and in case you haven’t heard, this month DOOGEE will be celebrating its birthday.The world’s leading rugged smartphone maker turns 8 years old this year.To celebrate, a very special giveaway has been arranged for the loving community and fans who are the life blood of the brand. An international lucky draw is currently ongoing, anyone and everyone is free to join.Winners of the DOOGEE Birthday Giveaway stand a chance to win 2021’s flagship device, the high-end rugged DOOGEE S86. With a massive 8500mAh battery, 6.1” display and 6GB RAM, who wouldn’t want the S86?Couple that with the brand’s renown durability and military grade IP rating and you’ve got a solid tank in your hands. Excited? So are we! To sweeten the deal, we are giving away even more of our devices as prizes for giveaway entrants.Many amazing things are in store including smartphones as well as smartwatches. The winnings include a whopping 29 items for a total of 29 winners. Join the DOOGEE Birthday Giveaway to stand a chance at winning any one unit of the following devices: 1 x DOOGEE S96 PRO 1 x DOOGEE S88 PLUS 2 x DOOGEE S86 2 x DOOGEE N20 2 x DOOGEE N20 PRO 2 x DOOGEE N30 2 x DOOGEE X95 10 x DOOGEE CS1 7 x DOOGEE CR1   Come and join the fun on March 29th to inaugurate the DOOGEE Birthday Giveaway with us. After all, a party is incomplete without friends and family.We will be hosting a YouTube live event to kick off the event and all are invited to attend. Tune in to the DOOGEE channel at 11:00 AM (GMT) to view the virtual event. The sweepstakes ends on April 2nd when all 29 of the lucky winners will be revealed. Throw your name in the pool, cross your fingers,and hang on to the edge of your seats. Who knows, you might just be one of the fortunate prizewinners! The DOOGEE Team

DOOGEE’s rugged dual sim S59 Pro smartphone with 10,050mAh battery and a powerful 2W loudspeaker is now available on lazada

hereWatch a video of the S59 Pro  LONDON, March XX, 2021: Innovative technology company, DOOGEE Hengtong Technology Co. Ltd, is pleased to announce the lazada availability of its latest super-rugged smartphone creation; the S59 Pro. This incredibly resistant device seeks to provide its users with a wide array of features coupled with durability at an affordable price range. Some of the S59 Pro's key features include its numerous durability certifications, a gigantic 10,050mAh battery and a powerful 2W loudspeaker. The durable smartphone is available now in orange and black on for ₱8280( Original Price: ₱9089 )Discount Date: 25 Mar - 31 Mar. The S59 Pro is wrapped in the most advanced industrial rubber to enable it to have an IP68/IP69K certification and military-grade MIL-STD-810 G rating, which, together with the extremely rugged design and nature of the smartphone, allows it to withstand extreme weather conditions, impacts, dust and just about anything nature can throw its way. Additionally, the smartphone’s incredible 10050mAh battery with 24W Type-C fast charge, provides 32 days standby time and, with an OTG cable, can even act as a power bank. This makes the S59 Pro ideal for people such as scientists, construction workers or adrenaline junkies heading out for their latest adventure. Equipped with a powerful octa-core processor, 4GB of RAM and Android 10, the S59 Pro provides an extraordinary, smooth gaming experience as well as for everyday use. With 128GB storage (expands to 256GB), the mobile phone has enough space to download plenty of music, videos and photos. The DOOGEE S59 Pro also touts a 5.72" display with Gorilla Glass and a 90Hz refresh rate for fluid, smooth usage. It has a side-mounted fingerprint sensor along with facial recognition capabilities, providing an added layer of biometric security as well as quick and easy access. Despite the enormous battery size, users can charge up quickly thanks to the adaptive fast charge feature. Using a Samsung AI Quad Camera, the S59 Pro features a 16MP rear lens featuring 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens, 2MP Macro camera, 2MP Portrait camera, and 16MP front camera, the DOOGEE S59 Pro phone allows users the freedom to capture the moment and each and every memory. It comes with 4 LED Flash and the flashlight is twice as bright as other phones enabling it to shine further, facilitating night adventure activities and maintaining the quality and clarity of images no matter what the time of day. The S59 Pro also includes an IC SMART power amplifier giving users the ability to increase the speaker output power up to 2W to allow the maximum volume to reach 100dB. Ideal for use on a construction site, at a festival or a barbeque! With the upcoming Amazon launch of the S59 Pro, DOOGEE hopes to further advance its position as a world-leading affordable rugged smartphone brand. DOOGEE has been pursuing rugged mobile phones with high specifications over the years and will continue to follow this path. Other technical specifications of the S59 Pro include: MediaTek Helio P22 CPU 2.0 GHz 12nm 4GB RAM+128GB ROM (expandable up to 256GB  Samsung AI Quad 16MP main camera +8MP wide angle+8MP macro+2MP depth Samsung 16MP front camera with Facial Recognition NFC with Google Pay Support Dual SIM Slots supporting global frequencies IP68 &IP69K waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, High-Temperature resistance and MIL-STD-810G torment tests outstandingly. Can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -67°F to 158°F. Can survive under 5 feets of water for 30 minutes. The DOOGEE S59 Pro is available now in orange and black on for ₱8280. ( 2 get 2% 3 get 3% 4 get 4% off4.₱200 offline vouchers for the first 100 customers on the first hour5.BUY ₱100 get free shipping, capped at ₱506.Follower Voucher ₱100)  About DOOGEE Hengtong Technology Co., Ltd:DOOGEE is a technology company that was set up in Spain in March 2013. This contributes to the high performance of its products as well as their beautiful design and features, smart operation, and “micro-innovation”.DOOGEE’s new slogan is “Live Your Life,” delivering fashionable products with new technology, with the aim of becoming the most popular smartphone supplier in the world.For more information or to discuss a review sample, please contact Jun, Bruno,contact

Doogee Set To Launch S97 Pro

Doogee Set To Launch S97 Pro, World’s First Smartphone With A Professional Laser Rangefinder Doogee has since April 2021 teased the launch of a device with a laser rangefinder feature. Doogee will be giving away 10 S97 Pro to 10 lucky winners in a giveaway The company has been careful not to reveal too much information about the new product. According to a banner on Doogee’s official website, the new model is expected to come with a laser rangefinder. This will make Doogee S97 Pro the first smartphone in the world with this feature. Rugged phones are designed to be industry-friendly, special features are incorporated to make work convenient and easier. E.g. features such as PPT make conversation on construction sites and manufacturing plants easier among other uses. Doogee is taking a step further and introducing a laser rangefinder feature. For starters, laser rangefinders have found a lot of usefulness in various areas. It is very useful in sports that require precision distance measurement such as golf, archery, hunting, etc. Laser rangefinders with anti-leaf filters are used for example for forest inventories. Laser rangefinders also have a lot of military use. The introduction of this feature is the first of its kind in a smartphone, making the S97 Pro is the first and only smartphone in the world with a laser rangefinder. With S97 Pro in your pocket, you don't have to carry an extra laser rangefinder, this feature also comes in handy when you are measuring out for renovations,your load also gets extra light when you are going hunting. Doogee with this feature has opened an endless world of possibilities for smartphones. The device’s launch date has not been confirmed, but it is believed to be somewhere in June. The company has also not commented on how much it will cost and most importantly we don’t know anything about the memory,battery, screen, camera, and other features. But Doogee has already posted a giveaway for the upcoming device. Visit this link To throw your hat into the mix for a chance to win one of 10 S97 Pro. There is also an AliExpress page dedicated to S97 pro. I am already excited about this new phone and I can’t wait to get more information about it. Keep reading for updates.  Download images at:  Contacts Marketing Department: marketing@doogee.ccHabeeb (Marketing Manager):