DOOGEE T30 Max Tablet PCs 12.4" IPS 20+512GB Android 14
DOOGEE T30 Max Tablet PCs 12.4" IPS 20+512GB Android 14
DOOGEE T30 Max Tablet PCs 12.4" IPS 20+512GB Android 14
DOOGEE T30 Max Tablet PCs 12.4" IPS 20+512GB Android 14


DOOGEE T30 Max Tablet PCs 12.4" IPS 20+512GB Android 14

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  • 12.4" IPS 4K Display / 87.5% high screen ratio
  • Android 14
  • Nano injection molded one-piece shell, leather texture bottom shell
  • 7.9mm ultra-thin
  • 10800mAh Large Battery / Support 33W fast charging
  • Helio G99 Octa Core / 2.2GHz / 6nm
  • 20GB RAM (8GB+Up to 12GB Extended RAM) / DDR4X
  • 512GB ROM / uMCP/ Storage Expansion 2 TB
  • AI Dual camera (50MP+2MP)
  • 20MP Front Camera
  • Side Fingerprint Recognition
  • Support face unlock
  • TÜV SÜD blue light certification
  • Conforms to High-Resolution Audio standards defined by the Japan Audio Association
  • Widevine L1 Support
  • Hi-Res Certified Quad Speakers , Smart PA
  • Support 4096 level active capacitive pen
  • Docking plug-in interface, Supports magnetic keyboard connection
Ignite Creativity,
Maximize Productivity


Which One is Right for You?

12.4-inch 4K IPS Ultra-clear Large Display

Support 4096-level Pressure Active Stylus

Hi-Res Certified Quad-Box Speaker with Smart PA

Android 14 OS System

512GB Massive Storage + 2TB Expansion

DOOGEE T30 Ultra

11" 2.5K Display

Helio G99 Octa-core Processor

Up to 32GB RAM + 256GB ROM

8580mAh Large Battery

Hi-Res Certified Quad-Box Speaker with Smart PA


Light and Elegant Unibody Design

11" 2.4K IPS Display

Up to 16GB RAM + 256GB ROM

Hi-Res Certified Quad-Box Speaker with Smart PA

8580mAh Large Battery

Leather Texture Back Design

Support 4096-level Pressure Active Stylus

Hi-Res Certified Quad-Box Speaker with Smart PA

Helio G99 Octa Core Processor

12.4-inch 4K IPS Display

512GB Massive Storage + 2TB Expandable Memory

Android 14

10800mAh Large Battery

AI Dual Camera (50MP+2MP)

Hi-Res Certified Quad-Box Speaker with Smart PA

Dark Green

Graphite Black

12.4-inch 4K Ultra-clear Large Display

Large View for Immersive Entertainment and Working

With the 12.4-inch 4K lPS display on DOOGEE T30 Max, you'll check your documents, presentations, and graphics in remarkable clarity and precision. Enjoy crisp text, vibrant colors, and the ability to multitask with ease.

4K Super Resolution

Ultra Clear Display

1.07 Billion True-Color Display

Delicate and Natural Colors


Ultra High Brightness


Cinematic Color Gamut

HDR 10

Dynamic Range Display

Bigger Display
More Creation Space

Dive into creativity with the expansive 12.4-inch display of DOOGEE T30 Max, offering a 27.2% larger viewing area compared to the 11-inch T30 Ultra. More space, more excitement – unleash your potential!

Larger Display, Higher Efficiency

No matter how you place the T30 Max, vertical and horizontal, it can offer a more comfortable viewing experience for files, videos, and games.

Real-time Office
with Large Screen

Despite the larger display size, DOOGEE T30 Max with a 12.4" 4K IPS display can still maintain a sleek and lightweight form factor, making it highly portable for professionals on the go.

Higher Resolution
Better Viewing

DOOGEE T30 Max ensures a high level of clarity and sharpness on the tablet's display, making it perfect for immersive visual experience.

Support 4096-level Pressure Active Stylus

Let Your Imagination Soar

DOOGEE T30 Max supports 4096-level pressure active stylus, which unlocks your creativity! Dive into a world of precise drawing and note-taking. Customize stroke thickness, embrace oblique writing, avoid accidental touches, and experience smooth, delay-free writing. Let your ideas flow seamlessly and stay inspired!

* 4096-level pressure active stylus needs to be purchased separately.

Ultra-thin and Lightweight Design

Portbale to Carry, Suitable for Remote Working

The back of DOOGEE T30 Max features a sleek plain leather design, not only adding a touch of elegance but also providing excellent resista nce to dirt and wear. Plus, it offers a comfortable and secure grip for a better user experience.

Graphite Black

Dark Green

Titanium Alloy Unibody
Lightweight Design

Large Screen Vision, Lightweight and Portable

Applied with the aerospace-grade titanium alloy precision casting, T30 Max achieves integrated and seamless unibody design that balances large screen and light weight. It is easy to grip, convenient to carry, and durable to use.






Screen-to-Body Ratio

Ultra Narrow

Ultra-Narrow Bezel
Nano-injection Molding Process

Side Fingerprint Recognition

Equipped with the side fingerprint recognition, you can unlocks DOOGEE T30 Max with just a touch, offering you unparalleled security and convenience.

Quad-Speaker with 6CC Super
Large Sound Cavity

Immersively Enjoy the Surrounding Sound Effects

The custom quad speakers, coupled with a brand-new Hi-Res sound effect tailored by the DOOGEE acoustic team for tablets, bring you a more immersive auditory experience.

6CC Super Large
Sound Chamber

10 Times than Ordinary Phone Sound Chambers More Explosive, Creating a Shocking Sound Field

High and Low Sound
Frequency Design

Powerful and Shocking Low Frequencies Clear and Transparent Mid-to-High Frequencies

Widevine L1 Support

High Quality Video-watching for Immersive Experience

High-resolution, high-fidelity HDR, and surrounding sound resources from popular video platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+, offers you an immersive audiovisual experience.

Triple Natural Eye Protection

All-round Comfort for Your Eyes

DOOGEE T30 Max is groundbreaking to achieve the chip-level blue light control in the industry, making long-time viewing more comfortable. Natural brightness adjustment for gentler eye care, supports sleep mode, gradually adjusting the color temperature.

Chip-level Intelligent Chip-level Intelligent

Blue Light Protection


Brightness Adjustment

Comfortable & Natural

Color Temperature Adjustment

Latest Android 14 with Enhanced
Performance and Stability

Provide the Best Performance

DOOGEE T30 Max runs in Android 14 OS system, bringing enhanced performance and stability and providing a personalized, secure, and convenient experience!

Helio G99 Octa
Core Processor

Smooth Operation & Low Energy Consumption

With a powerful performance exceeding one million Antutu benchmark, T30 Max balances performance and power consumption. It ensures smooth operation of applications, effortlessly handling complex tasks or large games.

- Powerful Octa
  Core Processor
- 2x ARM
  Cortex-A76 2.2GHz
- 6x ARM
  Cortex-A55 2.0GHz
- Mali-G57

512GB ROM + 2TB Expansion Storage

Enjoy Unprecedented Storage Capacity

With the generous 512GB of internal storage, you can carry your entire digital world with you wherever you go. And when that's not enough, simply expand it up to 2TB to accommodate your growing data needs.


Base Storage


Expandable Memory

* 2TB TF card needs to be purchased separately.

20GB RAM (8GB+Up to 12GB Extended RAM)

With up to 20GB (8+12GB) of RAM, you have the absolute power to handle multitasking and demanding apps seamlessly.

- 8GB

Base RAM

- 12GB

Extended RAM

- 20GB


Dominate the Gaming Arena

Do Not Disturb

Specially designed for gaming, the gaming space provides optimized functions such as blocking notifications, rejecting incoming calls, game acceleration, etc. These features allow you to immerse yourself in gaming without interruptions.

10800mAh Mega Battery & 33W Fast Charging

Large, Fast & Long-lasting, 15min Charging for 2-hour Watching

With its long-lasting battery life, DOOGEE T30 Max empowers you to stay focused, connected, and efficient all day long. From meetings to presentations, emails to multitasking, this tablet ensures that you can conquer your tasks without interruption. It supports 33W fast charging. Fully charged can be done in a blink of an eye.

710 Hours


46 Hours

Music playback

29 Hours


8 Hours

Video Watching

5.5 Hours


2 Hours

Charge for 15min to Support Binge-Watching Entertainment


Increase in Binge-Watching Endurance Compared
to the Previous Generation of DOOGEE

* The data comes from DOOGEE laboratory tests, which was meticulously tested while keeping the volume and screen brightness of DOOGEE T30 Max at a consistent 50%.

Support Reverse Charging

Share Power to Last Together

DOOGEE T30 Max has a great deal of battery power to share. You don't have to worry about carrying extra power supplies for other devices.

- Smartphone
- Smartwatch

- Wireless Earphone
- Others

AI Dual Camera (50MP+2MP)

Stunning Shots with Every Click

DOOGEE T30 Max's AI dual camera is your ultimate companion for on-the-go productivity and creativity. Whether you're capturing important documents, or snapping high-resolution photos, this camera is your trusty sidekick.

Support 2K@30fps Video Shooting

Discover Different Visual Expression

With the highest support for 2K@30fps video shooting, your videos will be imbued with the same level of excellence as your photos. Immerse yourself in the world of high-definition videography and experience the perfect blend of technology and artistry with DOOGEE T30 Max.

Multiple Photography Features

Catch the Charming of Life in Different Styles




2MP Macro Camera

Explore the Tiny World

Get up close and personal with the world around you using the DOOGEE T30 Max's macro camera. This incredible feature allows you to explore the tiniest details of your subjects, revealing a whole new level of beauty.

20MP Front Camera

Your Private Meeting Room

The 20MP front camera is perfect for virtual meetings as you work from home. When you are not working, it is also perfect for staying connected to family and friends.

Face Unlock

Instant Access in a Blink

DOOGEE T30 Max supports face unlock, with the precision depth-sensing technology, enabling you to unlock your tablet, gain access to secure apps and many more features with a simple glance.

Docking Magnetic Touchpad Keyboard

Turn Your Tablet into a “PC”

DOOGEE T30 Max can be connected with the docking magnetic touchpad keyboard for smooth typing and gestures. From typing to swiping, power your tablet experience with precision.

Various Touch Gestures, Full Screen Control

5100mm² large touchpad, supports sliding, clicking, zooming, and other rich touch gestures.

Professional 78-key Design

1.5mm large key travel, 17.5mm large key distance, 16.8×16.8mm large keycaps provides a comfortable feel.

Dual SIM Cards
& Dual-Band Wi-Fi

Stay Connected Effortlessly

DOOGEE T30 Max supports dual SIM cards and dual-band Wi-Fi that allow you to connect to the world easily.

Accurate Navigation System

Your Ways Always in Your Hands

Our accurate navigation system ensures unparalleled accuracy, providing precise directions to your desired destinations.

GPS | Glonass | Galileo | Beidou | AGPS

Split Screen

Handle More Tasks in One Time

DOOGEE T30 Max enhances your multitasking capabilities effortlessly with the ability to seamlessly run two applications simultaneously.

Multi-device Interconnection

Enhance the Space

Project the tablet content onto a TV or computer for easier information sharing with others or bigger visual experience.

Package Contents

1* DOOGEE T30 Max Smart Tablet

1* Type-C Cable

1* 33W Charger

1* Anti-explosion Film (Posted on the Screen)

1* SIM Card Removal Needle

1* Business Leather Case

1* User Manual

1* Warranty Card

1* Packing Box

More Accessory Options

Enhance your productivity with our versatile range of accessories, meticulously designed to meet all your work requirements, which empower you to accomplish tasks with ease and precision.

4096-level Pressure Active Stylus
Purchase >
Docking Magnetic Touch Keyboard + Leather Case
Purchase >
Steel Protective Film
Purchase >
Bluetooth Mouse
Purchase >

* The above accessories need to be purchased separately.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Thomas Holz
Great Device

I mainly use it for watching videos and social media. It's perfect for that. Large RAM and the 4G function are also good to have. I'm happy so far and hope for some software updates.

Godfrey Borg
T30 max

Took some time to be available as date was postponed so then I opted for different colour not to wait any longer. Good communication with seller, it was sent Express with 4 days or so. Tablet is a bit Sluggish on startup and sometimes hangs a bit with apps overlapping at the same time. Tablet Update took quite a while. Power button could be place in a better position. Not sure if it real 4k though.

Torben Nielsen
The Doogee T30 Max Tablet PC Tablet is worth every dollar and more!

I have just acquired Doogee's robust and large 12.4" tablet. This is a super good tablet at a small price.
Without comparison, it excels compared to cheap tablets from other manufacturers such as AllDoCube iPlay's, TeClast's and BlackView's products, all of which seem like plastic-like second-rate tablets compared to the T30 Max tablet, which is Doogee's flagship model in tablets.

I discovered that this tablet really is a flagship.
Movies, photos, and web content are clearly and brilliantly clear on the T30 Max's massive display.
Even in bright daylight (600 nits), I didn't have trouble seeing the sharp and clear images.

Something else I discovered is that there is a very big difference between using an 11" and a 12.4" monitor.
It felt like the screen on Doogee's flagship tablet was about 25-35% - and not just 1.4" - larger than the tablets I compared it to.

Honestly, it just felt like a much better experience with the 12.4" screen from Doogee.
For example, watching movies on the T30 Max tablet felt more cinematic. The fantastic sound from the 4 speakers; The Hi-Res Certified Quad-Box Speaker with Smart PA ,definitely helped to emphasize the cinema feeling when I watched movies.
The technology behind the 4 speakers in the T30 Max is extremely good sounding and exciting. The sound system meets High-Resolution Audio standards defined by the Japan Audio Association.
I have never before experienced such a beautiful and large soundscape from a tablet.
In itself, the soundscape is an experience that cannot even be experienced on large and expensive brands, such as Samsung or iPad.
The integration of the 4 speakers and the dynamic and amazing sound that has resulted can only be meaningfully compared by mentioning Hi-Fi, state-of-the-art, music and surround systems. It's the kind of sound impression you will get when you work with Doogee's 12.4" tablet. In itself, the sound system in T30 Max is a parameter that makes it to a winning tablet - even at a low price!

It is also a good little workstation, whether you buy a keyboard and/or4096-level Pressure Active Stylus, or not.

The technology with the powerful and fast 6 nm, octa-core CPU with clock rates of up to 2.2 GHz with an 8 GB working memory and 512 GB storage memory is enough in itself to multitask between virtually any office program.
If you need more space, it's easy to expand the 512GB storage memory by 2TB. You simply insert a 2 TB micro SD card into the 'tray' next to the holder you have your 5G SIM card in.
Instead of a SD-catd, you can have 2 5G SIM cards inserted simultaneously if you need the fastest internet.

The T30 Max is a nice and very robust tablet. It is well designed. Ultra-thin with a thickness of only 7.9 mm. It has a 10800mAh battery that can be charged with the 33W fast charger that comes with it.
The cabinet is made via Nano injection molded in a piece of shell with leather texture at the bottom.

The T30 Max is very robust and mobile. It can be used anywhere.

Biggest recommendation from me.


Doogee T30 Max Tablet PCs 12.4" IPS 20+512GB Android 14

Tablet is nice, clear, large screen.

Since they sent the tablet to Canada, it would have been nice to receive a charger that works in Canada. The plug is not correct for our power. The tablet is quick. It doesn't seem to have a long charge but that could be from the incorrect charger plug being used. I would say that this is a great buy for the price.



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