Doogee’s DG Venus To Launch On December 15th At Only $50 | Doogee

Doogee’s DG Venus To Launch On December 15th At Only $50

Doogee DG Venus is the first gender-specific smartwatch from the manufacturer. It comes with features such as menstrual cycle monitoring in addition to all the goodies one would expect from a smartwatch.

On December 15th, we are planing to launch our DG Venus, our first smartwatch designed specifically for women. The device comes with a small round face, catchy themes, a slim band, and all the functions expected from a smartwatch.

DG Venus smartch | Doogee

The smartwatch offers features such as heart rate monitors, sleep pattern monitors, step counters and provides valuable data in real-time. Its unique feature is its period management function. This function designates all the work of menstrual cycle monitoring to the smartwatch. 

DG Venus Smartwatch Comes in 5 Colours | Doogee

DG Venus will be available in 3 colors on doogeemall 10 days from Christmas. You can get one in pink, dark, and light green. So If you are wondering what to get the special ladies in your life this Christmas, DG Venus will be available for sale for just $50 from December 15th.

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