Our Funny Story with Doogee

Shelby Mora

I love adventure, I need a mobile phone that can help me overcome the harsh environment, doogee is very suitable for me, diving, climbing mountains, and it is very powerful, don't worry about no power and signal

Jack Kline

I am a surveyor, and I need to move around for work. Sometimes I have to move more than 45 kilometers a day. The mobile phone of doogee VMAX has helped me a lot. The signal has been very good and I have overcome the wet weather. The R10 tablet helps me record various kinds of data

Ben Barton

This is a doogee phone that can withstand all kinds of blows, water, weather, etc. I always take it to the beach, pool, on the plane

Damien Pruitt

I like to travel in the field. The V20 PRO can do many things with thermal imaging technology, such as observing whether there is water leakage in the house, or invasive animals, etc., which is very practical

Clayton Osborne

After crashing on my motorcycle. it was all scratched so I’ve had to retire my iphone. However the doogee phone survived the motorcycle crash very well. It slide a good 50-75M on pure concrete in my pocket which then ended up coming out of my pocket. Any other phone would of been toasted.

  • 1 special prize 1 person - the latest rugged mobile phone S110
  • 1st prize 1 person—the latest Rugged tablet R10
  • 2nd prize 2 persons - T30pro or Rugged phone S100 PRO
  • 3rd prize 5 persons-T20mini Smart tablet


virtue_south@hotmail.com S110

 paulo.oliveira@turismodeportugal.pt S100PRO

 markclue55@yahoo.com S100PRO

 Beccasmama1@gmail.com R10

 golfgirl8350@gmail.com T20MINI

 scooby_48742@yahoo.com T20MINI

achat@cabico.com T20MINI

Jgeekie@yahoo.com T20MINI

sekanni40@outlook.com T20MINI

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