Doogee Set To Launch S97 Pro

Doogee Set To Launch S97 Pro, World’s First Smartphone With A Professional Laser Rangefinder Doogee has since April 2021 teased the launch of a device with a laser rangefinder feature. Doogee will be giving away 10 S97 Pro to 10 lucky winners in a giveaway The company has been careful not to reveal too much information about the new product. According to a banner on Doogee’s official website, the new model is expected to come with a laser rangefinder. This will make Doogee S97 Pro the first smartphone in the world with this feature. Rugged phones are designed to be industry-friendly, special features are incorporated to make work convenient and easier. E.g. features such as PPT make conversation on construction sites and manufacturing plants easier among other uses. Doogee is taking a step further and introducing a laser rangefinder feature. For starters, laser rangefinders have found a lot of usefulness in various areas. It is very useful in sports that require precision distance measurement such as golf, archery, hunting, etc. Laser rangefinders with anti-leaf filters are used for example for forest inventories. Laser rangefinders also have a lot of military use. The introduction of this feature is the first of its kind in a smartphone, making the S97 Pro is the first and only smartphone in the world with a laser rangefinder. With S97 Pro in your pocket, you don't have to carry an extra laser rangefinder, this feature also comes in handy when you are measuring out for renovations,your load also gets extra light when you are going hunting. Doogee with this feature has opened an endless world of possibilities for smartphones. The device’s launch date has not been confirmed, but it is believed to be somewhere in June. The company has also not commented on how much it will cost and most importantly we don’t know anything about the memory,battery, screen, camera, and other features. But Doogee has already posted a giveaway for the upcoming device. Visit this link To throw your hat into the mix for a chance to win one of 10 S97 Pro. There is also an AliExpress page dedicated to S97 pro. I am already excited about this new phone and I can’t wait to get more information about it. Keep reading for updates.  Download images at:  Contacts Marketing Department: marketing@doogee.ccHabeeb (Marketing Manager):


DOOGEE introduces the S97 Pro - the world’s first rugged phone with a professional laser rangefinderWith 8 measurement modes and up to 40 metres measuring capability, the Android 11 S97 Pro also features IP68 & IP69K protection, a Samsung 48MP AI Quad camera, 8500mAh Battery, 8G RAM and 128G memory

Doogee’s S97 Pro To Launch As The First Phone With An Inbuilt Laser Rangefinder

Doogee S97 Pro Article II   Doogee is one of the biggest rugged smartphone manufacturers in the world. Although Doogee is yet to launch its 5G rugged phone, they have often manufactured and launched products with special features that are important to their target market. S97 pro is Doogee’s latest attempt with an inbuilt laser rangefinder. Main Features  S97 Pro stands out amongst all other rugged phones with one and very unique feature, the laser rangefinder. It is the first and only smartphone in the world to have this feature inbuilt into it.  This feature surprisingly has many uses not only in a professional setting but also domestically. They are useful in measuring out part of the house for renovations and many other uses. Hardware  S97 Pro display is 6.39’’ in size, with a resolution of 720*1560 px. The screen is made of corning gorilla glass which is generally resistant to falls and scratches.For performance, the Doogee S97 pro depends on the Helio G95 octa-core chipset. The game intensive processor is built on a 12 nm process technology. That paired with the ARM Mali-G76 MC4 GPU results in a device that excels at user responsiveness and a great GUI to match. Doogee used low power-intensive 8 GB DDR4 RAM and the 128 GB UFS storage which is faster. Another surprise is in the camera department, rugged phones aren't known for having great cameras. S97 pro on the other hand features a 16MP selfie camera, on the back, there are 4 cameras. The main camera is a Samsung 48MP AI camera, the second sensor is also from Samsung, but it is an 8 MP wide-angle camera. The other 2 cameras are 2 MP, one is a macro camera, the other is a temperature camera. Battery  So S97 Pro is a beast of a smartphone, we take that to the next level by putting in an 8500mAh super battery. Not to worry this phone supports 33W fast charge so you can fully charge the device in under 3 hours. This battery can last for 2-3 days of normal use. Can you imagine watching the whole Harry Potter series on a single charge? Well, S97 Pro is built to make that possible. If you are not watching movies or gaming continuously, the battery can last for 26 days on standby. That is how massive this battery is.  Ruggedness  All rugged phones are put through a series of tests to ensure they can take a beating. After all, that is what rugged phones are all about. The most common tests are the IP68 and IP69K tests. All Doogee rugged phones are tested using the rules set out in these standards.  They are also tested against the standards set in the MIL-STD-810G standards for extra proof of ruggedness. Only the devices that pass these tests get the DOOGEE logo slapped on them   Pricing and Launch  S97 Pro is set to be launched on June 21st on AliExpress and Banggood.   Contacts  Marketing Department: marketing@doogee.ccHabeeb (Marketing Manager):  Anchor Text and Links Rugged phone | Rugged Smartphone: Pro & Giveaway: Webstie: We hope to get a dofollow link back to our Official Website The most preferred anchor texts are rugged phones, rugged smartphones, and affordable phones
Doogee S98 Is Expected To Launch With Dual-Screen & Night Vision Camera | Doogee

Doogee S98 Is Expected To Launch With Dual-Screen & Night Vision Camera

Doogee is announcing a new addition to its S-series. The Doogee S98 rugged phone is scheduled to launch for global sale around the end of March. What makes Doogee S98 amazing is the adoption of an eye-catching dual-screen design. In addition to the main display, it has a unique smart round rear display. The rear display's background is customizable using any picture of your choice. Common uses include checking the time, controlling music, checking battery levels, among others.   The new S98 will run on MediaTek’s Helio G96 SoC with a clocking speed of 2.05GHz. The octa-core processor is paired with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage as standard. The storage can be expanded using a micro SD card. Expect fast performance since MediaTek G96 is a processor designed for an incredible gaming experience.   The phone will sport a 6.3-inch LCD FHD+ display with Corning Gorilla Glass protection. The top of the phone will have a small hole punch to house the 16MP front camera.   On the back of the phone,  there is a 3-camera set up around the rear display. A 64MP sensor is the main camera supported by a 20MP night vision camera and an 8MP wide-angle camera. A primary LED flashlight and infrared light complete the setup on the back. The night vision is a funs one, it allows you to take pictures and videos in pitch black. With this, the subjects of pictures taken at night are very visible and understandable by the human eyes.   The juice running the show comes from a 6000mAh battery which can be charged by the 33W fast charger that comes in the package. Doogee S98 also supports a 15W wireless charger.   Doogee S98 will run Android 12 out of the box with the company confirming at least 3 years of security and Android version updates.   As you can guess, Doogee S98 is IP68 | IP69K rated. This means you can take a swim or wash the phone under a shower. It is MIL-STD-810G certified which means it should work fine in extreme weather.   Other features include NFC, dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.1, side-mounted fingerprint sensor among others. Doogee hasn't confirmed the exact launch date of S98 but the information reaching us is that we can expect the device in the latter part of March. Until such time, we will keep updated on developments related to Doogee S98. Fans can take part in the giveaway currently going on the company’s official website.  
Doogee V10 Vs Doogee V20 | Doogee
Doogee V10

Doogee V10 Vs Doogee V20

Doogee has years of experience in the rugged phone industry with a commitment to creating the best smartphones. V20 is a culmination of all these years of expertise. It is the successor of the successful V10. Both share a lot of similarities and differences but both devices boost strength in certain areas over the other. Before we begin, Let’s discuss the similarities between the 2 smartphones because you know how the saying goes “It ain't broke, dont fix it”. Both models rely on octa-core processors for their performance. They also have side-mounted finger scanners, a 16MP selfie camera, a 33W fast charger, NFC, and support the same number of frequencies. They are both IP68, IP69K & MIL-STD-810 certified.  For the difference, we are going to discuss them in sections and explain the benefits of the upgrades. Special Features Doogee‘s rugged phones are characterized by their special features, from laser rangefinder to thermal imaging, they have it all. V10 came with an inbuilt infrared thermometer which comes in handy in this special time we are facing in the world. V20 decides to go flashy with a rear display. The display is 1.05’’ in size and is great for keeping up when your phone is on its face Display The most marketed feature of the V20 is the 6.43’’ AMOLED display from Samsung.  In my experience, this is the first AMOLED display on a rugged phone. It has a 2k resolution with an aspect ratio of 20:9, 16million colors, and an 80000: 1 contrast ratio.  V10 on the other hand comes with a 6.39” LCD Corning Gorilla Glass protected display. It has an aspect ratio of 19:9, 720x1560 resolution, and a peak brightness of 500nit. Battery At first glance, V10’s 8500mAh sounds more impressive than V20’s 6000mAh battery. But considering V20 uses an AMOLED display and has a more advanced power management system built into it, you get about the same amount of time usage from both devices. The lower battery capacity also makes V20 lighter and easier to handle.   Both phones support fast charging and come with 33W fast charging bricks. V10 supports 10W wireless charging whiles V20 supports up to 15W.   Camera Setup V20’s 64MP main camera unequivocally beats V10 48MP. V20 is flanged on both sides by a 20MP night vision camera and an 8MP wide-angle camera to form a tri-camera setup mode.    V10 also has a tri camera set up but the main camera is joined by an 8MP wide-angle and 2MP macro camera.   Memory. V20 retained the 8GB RAM from the V10, on the storage front, opted for 256GB UFS2.2 fast storage. The extra 128GB internal storage gives V20 a bigger storage option for your pictures, videos, and games.  
Doogee V20 rugged Android phone review: Superb performance and innovative rear screen | Doogee

Doogee V20 rugged Android phone review: Superb performance and innovative rear screen

Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor Posted in Social Business on February 21, 2022 | Topic: Smartphones I like the Doogee range of phones and its latest release, launched today, the Doogee V20 rugged Android phone is no exception. For a rugged phone, it is slimmer than other Doogee phones I have reviewed and lighter too at 296g. It is rated at IP68 / IP69K and confirms to MIL-STD-810G tests. This phone is water-resistant at a depth of 1.5m for up to 30 minutes, and drop-proof from a height of 1.5m onto concrete. Inside the box, there are the phone, the SIM extractor tool, and a USB Type-C cable with type C connections at each end. There is also a Type A to Type C adapter and a power adapter. There is also a screen protector with wipes, a warranty card, and a user manual. The 5G capable V20 has a nice large 6.44-inch hole punch display screen and a display resolution of 2400 x 1080px and a 20:9 aspect ratio.   The hole punch means that the screen wraps around the front-facing camera to maximize screen real estate. The V20 feels nice in my hand with a few rough edges or awkward corners. It has rounded edges and a slightly raised edge to protect the screen from scratching. The left-hand side of the device has a dual SIM slot (one nano and one for a TF card) and a custom function button. On the left, there are volume buttons and the power button which doubles up as a fingerprint reader. Inside the Doogee V20, there is a MediaTek Dimensity 700 octa-core chip running at up to 2.2GHz. This chip is not the fastest Dimensity CPU on offer by MediaTek but moves the brand into 5G coverage for its phones. Doogee has previously used MediaTek chips in its phones like the rugged Doogee S97. The Dimensity chip will mean good 5G coverage for users. The V20 has 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM as standard and it runs Android 11. The phone has a couple of new features that I have not seen for a while. The back of the camera has three rear cameras and an extra window. This 1.05-inch window has a display that will show I first saw this rear window in a Meizu Pro 7 phone I reviewed in 2017, but few manufacturers have included this feature since then. You can customize the rear display to show call notifications and alerts, show the time, or music controls. You can double-tap to wake up the rear display or configure it to display when the phone is face down. To preserve the battery you can turn off the display after a few seconds. It is a really useful feature and I do not know why more mobile devices do not have this additional feature, even just to show the time when the phone is face down. The three rear cameras and LED flash are a decent specification with a 64MP image size for the main camera. There is also a 20MP Sony IMX350 night vision camera and an 8MP wide-angle camera with a 130-degree field of view. The camera can be configured to operate in night mode, panorama, slow motion, time-lapse, and a pro mode where you can manually change settings such as ISO and white balance. The camera has a beauty mode so you can add filters to make your face smoother, slimmer, or enlarge the eyes. You can zoom in to images with 4x digital zoom. The front-facing camera is 16MP with a Samsung sensor and images are crisp and clear. Post image manipulation is provided through standard Android features including sharing features editing options and Google Lens. The V20 has facial recognition which is quick and accurate in good light conditions -- although it does struggle to recognise me in dimly lit conditions. The custom button on the left-hand side of the screen can be used for push-to-talk (PTT). When pressed you are invited to install Zello to use the key. If you do not want to use this for PTT apps, use the 'Easy key' option in settings to customise the function to record, turn on the flashlight, take a screenshot, open the underwater camera, configure an SOS message, or open Zello. Like its other models, the range of useful tools in the outdoor toolbox folder will give you a plumb bob compass, a protractor, and a spirit level as well as an alarm function, flashlight, and screen flash. The Doogee V20 has a good-sized 6,000mAh battery which will give you several days of normal usage. Using the Type-C–Type-C PD charging cable will give you up to 33W charging power which will recharge the phone in about 2 hours. This phone also has wireless charging, but be aware that wireless charging is significantly slower than a TypeC PD cable: It took over 4 hours when I used wireless charging. It also has NFC so you can use Google Pay. There is no audio slot for this phone. Connect your headphones via Bluetooth or use a type-C adapter if you want to use wired audio. The phone ring tone is reasonably loud and the sound is good across the ranges. You won't need an external speaker. Doogee recommends that you use T-Mobile for the optimal frequency band for this phone.
Doogee’s DG Venus To Launch On December 15th At Only $50 | Doogee

Doogee’s DG Venus To Launch On December 15th At Only $50

On December 15th, we are planing to launch our DG Venus, our first smartwatch designed specifically for women. The device comes with a small round face, catchy themes, a slim band, and all the functions expected from a smartwatch. The smartwatch offers features such as heart rate monitors, sleep pattern monitors, step counters and provides valuable data in real-time. Its unique feature is its period management function. This function designates all the work of menstrual cycle monitoring to the smartwatch.  DG Venus will be available in 3 colors on doogeemall 10 days from Christmas. You can get one in pink, dark, and light green. So If you are wondering what to get the special ladies in your life this Christmas, DG Venus will be available for sale for just $50 from December 15th. While on the topic of checking out doogeemall, check out upcoming Christmas discounts on your favourite Doogee rugged phones and watches. Add any of the products to your cart and get an instant $5 discount. You can also check out the new Doogee V20 rugged phone. For some lucky fans they can win the phone in a free giveaway. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? SHOP NOW!!

Doogee is hosting an outdoor sports photography competition with rich prizes. Come and participate!

Doogee is hosting an outdoor sports photography competition with rich prizes. Come and participate! Activity time: October 20, 2021 - November 20, 2021
DOOGEE V10 To Be Available For Sale At 60% Off Its Original Price On Aliexpress During Its First Week | Doogee

DOOGEE V10 To Be Available For Sale At 60% Off Its Original Price On Aliexpress During Its First Week

Doogee V10 5G is set to debut on AliExpress with a price tag of $199.78 on August 23rd. During the weekend-long promotion. Only the first 50 buyers will be lucky to get the device at the $199.78 price tag. The next 50 buyers will have to pay $219.78 Then the price will change to $239.99 for the next 50 buyers. 500 buyers will get the phone at  $255.78 before it is reset to its original price of $521.99 Doogee V10 has been marketed as an all-around phone with a unique feature of an inbuilt infrared thermometer. A feature which is more important in this era than ever before. It supports dual 5G. It also supports the most frequency bands than any other 5G rugged phone which means It can be used in more locations than any other rugged phone. On the hardware front, Doogee V10 is built like a tank able to withstand accidental drops. It is IP68, IP69K rated, and MIL-STD-810G certified. Under the hood, it is powered by MediaTek Dimensity 700 built on the 7nm process technology and clocks at 2.2GHz. Paired with an 8GB LPDDR4x RAM and 128GB USF 2.2 internal storage, you are assured of top performance. It comes with a battery of 8500mAh, a 6.39-inch HD+ corning gorilla-protected display, a 48MP main camera, and a 16MP selfie camera. On the back of the device, 8 sensors and antennas are arranged evenly for better efficiency. One of those is a dedicated gaming wifi antenna, and 3D copper pipe liquid cooling technology to take your gaming to the next level. On the software front, V10 runs android 11 optimized to protect and give you the best user experience. Free of bloatware, you have enough space to download what matters to you. Other features of this device are an underwater camera, OTG reverse charging, NFC, 33W fast charger, 4 location satellites, etc   Doogee V10 will be available on AliExpress from 23rd to 28th of August, 2021 with amazing discount prices. There is also an ongoing giveaway promo, where 15 winners will be chosen and given fantastic prizes such as Doogee V10, Doogee S35, and Doogee CS2 smartwatch. All you need to do to be part of the giveaway is to click here, follow the procedure, and stand a chance of being a winner.   Download Images here: Related: Doogee Announce The First 5G Phone: The V10 Is Set To Be The Latest In The Series Of Doogee Rugged Phones But The First Of A New Series